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Traditional Track

Certified Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County, CA

Covenant Hills has been compassionately and effectively treating drug and alcohol addiction at its beautiful treatment centers for over thirty years. Our passion and focus is to return you to the clean, healthy, happy and productive person you are meant to be.

Our traditional track is an extension of our Christian program. Our traditional plan gives you the option to take part in our high quality addiction treatment using language and models that fit your personal worldview.

Why Choose the Covenant Hills Traditional Treatment Track?

At Covenant Hills, we provide a complete continuum of care in the drug rehabilitation process, including medical detoxification in an affiliated medical facility, Residential Inpatient services, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient care and Aftercare. We use a 60-day treatment model where you progress from a highly-structured Inpatient environment under 24-hour supervision to a less structured, transitional setting.

We specialize in the treatment of individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders and those who may benefit from a strong relapse prevention curriculum.

All of our treatment programs take a comprehensive approach to helping you heal from addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. All our treatment programs include the following:

  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Treatment of dual addictions
  • Gender-separate programs
  • Gender-specific counseling
  • Exercise Program
  • Relapse prevention (Gorski-model)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy and counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Psychological testing
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Aftercare at no charge

It’s Your Choice: Christian or Traditional Addiction Treatment

When you arrive at our treatment center, we offer you two distinct, yet overlapping programs—Christian 12-Step and Traditional 12-Step:

  • Our Christian addiction treatment program offers a Christ-centered, biblical approach to recovery.
  • Our Traditional program presents recovery based on God, as the individual may understand Him (as presented in Alcoholics Anonymous). The latter approach allows those that are confused about God or are searching for God the leeway to find Him gracefully, based on His perfect timing.

Clients are able to choose between our Christian and Traditional 12-Step programs and can even switch between the two during treatment. No matter which treatment program you choose, you will work with our experienced staff to overcome your addiction and find yourself again.

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Residential Inpatient Program

We believe that the drug rehabilitation process is most effective when a residential program is utilized after detox. With residential (or inpatient) treatment, you are able to recover in a structured environment with the full support of our expert staff. Our inpatient programs are gender-specific and allow men and women to recover separately in our residential houses in San Clemente and Dana Point, respectively. Click to find images of our men’s residential and women’s residential center.

Day Treatment

If you meet the admissions criteria for our day treatment (also known as outpatient) program, you will follow the same structured schedule as your peers in our residential inpatient program. You will be permitted, however, to return home or to a sober living environment after the final scheduled activity for the day. Our day treatment program is only recommended for those who have a stable living situation.

Transitional Care

Transitional Care is the second phase of our 60-day treatment program. In preparation for returning back to the world outside of rehab, Transitional Care shifts you from our highly structured Residential Treatment program to an Intensive Outpatient Program that is still supportive, but less structured. At this stage of the drug rehabilitation process, you will begin to return back to aspects of your everyday life. In this transitional environment, you can refine your recovery goals and continue to address lingering damage.

Addiction AfterCare Program

Once you’ve graduated from one of our Christian-based rehabilitation programs listed above, you’re invited to join our Addiction Aftercare program. As a part of our holistic treatment approach, aftercare is recommended if you require additional support after you have left our treatment center. Here, you’ll engage in practical instruction, relapse prevention instruction, interactive process sessions, group therapy, and more.

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