Relapse Prevention Groups
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Our inpatient rehab program includes relapse prevention groups as part of the curriculum. With your personal recovery goals in mind, our counselors will help design a Relapse Prevention Plan that fits in with your life situation.

Relapse Prevention Rehab in California

The goal of Relapse Prevention therapy is to help a client learn how to identify and effectively manage the core personality and lifestyle issues that can lead to a relapse. Relapse Prevention groups at Covenant Hills are focused on helping you understand the factors that contribute to the urge to use again. Just like every addiction is unique, each person’s relapse prevention plan should differ.

The goal of our programs is not only to help clients establish a healthy lifestyle in recovery, but to assist in identifying and addressing triggers that can cause a client to relapse. By utilizing Gorski Relapse Prevention therapy for each client, we can help them learn to identify their stage of recovery and establish a plan that can be used to identify and manage the warning signs of relapse.

By encouraging patients to create a list of their relevant issues, how each issue relates to a possible relapse, considering the consequences of not facing those issues and how to address those issues, clients are prepared to avoid relapse.

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Effective Relapse Prevention Strategy


Prevention Plan

Our plan includes 6 parts: sobriety supportive residential living, mutual help group involvement, medication assisted treatment (MAT), working with an addiction medicine specialist, drug testing, psychotherapy

Recognize Early Symptoms

in order to facilitate early detection of relapse, we help clients recognize and stop the early symptoms through stabilization, assessment, relapse education, warning sign identification, warning sign management, recovery planning, inventory training, family involvement, and follow-up

Trigger Recognition

Recognizing the warning signs of relapse early allows those in recovery to be informed and ready when triggers appear. Once a client knows and understands their unique triggers, they are armed with preventative measures to ensure lasting recovery

Life After Addiction Treatment

To learn more about the importance of a relapse prevention or to enroll in one of our Orange County relapse prevention treatment programs, call our nationwide drug & alcohol abuse help line at 844-235-1020 and talk to one of our experienced counselors.

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