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Dual Diagnosis in Orange County

Dual diagnosis treatment is designed to focus on mental as well as physical diagnosis of an addicted person. To help such individuals, these dual diagnosis programs are absolutely essential and play a vital role.

Co-occurring Disorders in Addiction Treatment

Clients who seek our assistance are often struggling with addiction and emotional challenges that were brought about by or may have preceded their substance abuse. These co-occurring conditions (also known as dual diagnosis disorders) may include depression, acute anxiety, bi-polar disorder, etc.

At Covenant Hills, we understand that the effects of these dual diagnosis disorders may vary from client to client, which is why our treatment process is structured based on your specific needs and routine.

All treatment programs begin with a thorough evaluation of your psychological and physical needs. As a Christian dual diagnosis treatment center, we make sure to involve your spiritual needs, as well.

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Psychiatric Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Treatment for a dual diagnosis in Orange County involves integrated care that addresses both the mental health and substance use issues simultaneously. This is why psychiatric treatment plays a crucial role in managing a dual diagnosis.

Psychiatric treatment for dual diagnosis typically involves a combination of psychotherapy, medication management, and support groups. It is important to find a mental health professional who is experienced in treating both mental illness and substance use disorders in order to receive the best possible care. With the right treatment, people with a dual diagnosis can recover and lead fulfilling lives.

Medication Management for Dual Diagnosis

Medication management is an important aspect of treatment in a dual diagnosis treatment center. It involves the use of medications to address the symptoms of both the mental illness and substance use disorder. At the Covenant Hills dual diagnosis treatment center in Orange County, a mental health professional, works with our clients to determine the best course of action for their specific needs.

For example, a person with a dual diagnosis of depression and addiction to opioids may be prescribed an antidepressant to treat their depression, as well as a medication to help them manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for opioids.

Medication management is always unique to each individual client and their needs. Our team closely monitors all prescribed medications and makes adjustments when necessary.

Individual Psychotherapy for Dual Diagnosis

Individual psychotherapy at Covenant Hills Addiction Treatment center is focused on one-on-one counseling. Our mental health professionals make use of CBT and DBT therapy in order to help clients process their emotions, actions, feelings, and behaviors related to substance use.

In a dual diagnosis situation, psychotherapy incorporates strategies to confront both conditions as well as each one individually. A person with a dual diagnosis of anxiety and addiction may use individual psychotherapy to address their anxiety symptoms and develop strategies to manage their substance use. They work hand-in-hand because they development of a substance use disorder has multiple sources.

The goal is to provide tools and insight clients need to overcome their substance use and manage their mental health issues together. This allows them to build a healthy, fulfilling life in recovery.

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