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We believe that this can only be done properly in a gender specific environment with an experienced and understanding staff who both understand and relate to the issues that each of our male clients present. We also believe that treatment must remain as individualized as possible. That’s why we only treat a maximum of 24 men at a time. We believe that this gives us the best possible environment to induce recovery from the insidious disease of addiction.

Covenant Hills is a Christian Addiction Treatment center with a gender-separate program designed specifically for men. Our dual diagnosis approach allows us to specialize in helping men who suffer from drug addiction and/or alcoholism, while also addressing any emotional or psychiatric issues that may be contributing to the addiction problem.

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Benefits of Attending a Men’s Rehab in Orange County

Attending a men’s-only rehab center has several benefits that aid in an effective treatment stay. Some of the advantages of attending a gender-separate men’s inpatient rehab center are as follows:

  • Allows our staff to address issues that affect men differently than women during the recovery process
  • Gives our clients the opportunity to develop relationships with each other
  • Eliminates distractions between men and women during their stays

No matter what addiction that you are struggling with, we are prepared to help you recover. Our Christian approach integrates the 12 Steps Program with the foundational truths of the Christian Scripture to form a holistic, faith-based approach. From detox to aftercare, we are able to support you at any point of your journey.

We believe in compassionate

evidence-based, whole-person

treatment that has lasting results.

Please call. We will take as much time as you need to listen to you and explain the various treatment options. Don’t wait. Start the process toward your new life today.

Meet the Men's Treatment Team

Elizabeth Steele

Elizabeth Steele

Executive Director

With over 10 years of experience working in addiction treatment, Elizabeth is highly qualified to act as the executive director for Covenant Hills. With a bit of a developing role in the company, Elizabeth directly oversees the day-to-day operations and clinical programs for the women and with the men’s programs. She oversees improvements through evaluation of our current processes and procedures to ensure consistency and effectiveness. She also handles the clinical program development to ensure that our programs are dynamic, engaging, and educational.
In her own words, “I struggled with addiction throughout my teens and into early adulthood. I have been to treatment quite a bit myself, so I think it really helps me to empathize with the client experience. Going through treatment is often one of the more challenging experiences that our clients will have in their entire lives. When they aren’t internally motivated or want to leave, I understand that, because I have been there. When they can’t imagine the rest of their lives without a drink or a drug, I get it. I was also an incredibly difficult client in treatment, so I tend to have a special place in my heart for the clients who may have some behavioral issues; I always try to keep in mind that if there weren’t staff members willing to fight for me even when I was a little more rough around the edges, I likely wouldn’t be alive today.”

Elizabeth loves working with clients and families. She strongly believes that recovery should be fun and that getting sober should open doors, as opposed to closing them, so she always tries to build clinical programs that reflect these principles.

Again she says, “Bottom line, I am sick of seeing young people dying unnecessarily, and I want to help support clients in living a life beyond their wildest dreams.”

Cody Crawford

Cody Crawford

Resident Manager Supervisor / Office Manager

Cody is the Resident Manager Supervisor at Covenant Hills men’s residential treatment center in San Clemente, CA. The responsibilities that come with include supervising the resident managers and working alongside the program director and transportation director, making sure they have what they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Cody is passionate about producing a high-quality of work. Not interested in half measures, he puts his all into everything he does. His dedication to the treatment field finds its origins in his personal experience in treatment where he was given the help he needed. He believes in returning that to the clients that he works with.

Michael Felton

Michael Felten

Case Manager & Clinical Intern

As the case manager and clinical intern at the men’s residential facility, Michael supports clients as a case manager and facilitates/teaches group therapy sessions. As an intern, he provides counseling to clients under the supervision of the staff therapist.

Michael received his B.A. from Chapman University, in English and worked as a professional journalist, utilizing observation, writing and interviewing skills. He received his M.A. from Concordia University Townsend Institute in Counseling.

Previously, Michael has worked as a case manager for a non-profit organization that assisted people with disabilities and was in City government where he provided case management, inspections, interviewing, and crisis intervention. Beyond that, he also has three years’ experience teaching in church and public school settings.

He loves people and enjoys working with and serving others. Michael believes we were built for relationship and too often men have learned or have become disconnected and isolated from that.

Bruce McMeekin

Bruce McMeekin, CADC-I

Case Manager

Bruce McMeekin is a Case Manager at the Company’s men’s treatment facility in San Clemente. He earned his Associates degrees in Social Behavioral Studies and Alcohol & Drug Studies. Bruce has a CADC-I certification. He has worked extensively with chemically dependent individuals from young adults through older adult populations, utilizing both individual and group counseling. Bruce brings many years of life experiences, knowledge and training, as well as compassion and empathy needed to provide the necessary tools for success in the program.
Ed Volk



Ed Volk is the Therapist at the Company’s men’s treatment facility in San Clemente. Ed Volk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an advanced certification in addiction treatment, Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADC). Ed received his BA and MA from Wheaton College. He has worked in the field for over 20 years and has worked as a clinician on the administrative side overseeing and developing programs. Ed is certified in Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Seeking Safety. He is also a member of the Orange County, CA Trauma Response Team and has interned at Saddleback Church in the Counseling Dept. Ed has a personal and professional expertise in the field of addiction. He believes in the restorative power of the recovery process with the individual and the family.
Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright

Pastoral Counselor, Case Manager

Jeremiah has been around addiction treatment nearly two decades supporting and inspiring men to find sanity and sobriety. He is currently the men’s home pastoral counselor where he helps individuals resolve spiritual conflicts to allow them to have a more meaningful relationship with God. He also serves as a case manager and works to educate and help clients walk through the recovery process. He has worked for Teen Challenge International and served as an Associate Pastor for many years. He currently holds a degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling and is ordained through the International Christian Ministers Association.

Bruce Stewart

Transportation Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon

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