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Men’s Rehab in Orange County, CA

Men’s Treatment Center with a Christian Approach

Covenant Hills is a Christian Addiction Treatment center with a gender-separate program designed specifically for men. Our dual diagnosis approach allows us to specialize in helping men who suffer from drug addiction and/or alcoholism, while also addressing any emotional or psychiatric issues that may be contributing to the addiction problem.

We believe that this can only be done properly in a gender specific environment with an experienced and understanding staff who both understand and relate to the issues that each of our male clients present. We also believe that treatment must remain as individualized as possible. That’s why we only treat a maximum of 24 men at a time. We believe that this gives us the best possible environment to induce recovery from the insidious disease of addiction.

The Benefits of Attending a Men’s Rehab Center

Attending a men’s-only rehab center has several benefits that aid in an effective treatment stay. Some of the advantages of attending a gender-separate men’s inpatient rehab center are as follows:

Mens Inpatient Rehab in Orange County, CA

No matter what addiction that you or your loved one is struggling with, we are prepared to help you recover. Our Christian approach integrates the 12 Steps with the foundational truths of the Scripture to form a holistic, faith-based approach. From detox to aftercare, we are able to support you at any point of your journey.

Learn more about the benefits of gender specific treatment.


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32236 Paseo Adelanto Suite G.
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We're Here to Help

32236 Paseo Adelanto Suite G.
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