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Covenant Hills

Women’s Rehab in Orange County, CA

Covenant Hills’ women’s treatment center is a dual diagnosis treatment center for women only located in picturesque Dana Point, California. Here we specialize in helping women who suffer from drug addiction and/or alcoholism, while also addressing any emotional or psychiatric issues that may be contributing to the addiction problem.

Mitigating outside distractions and unnecessary complications is essential to achieving your full potential throughout addiction recovery. While addiction doesn’t play favorites, men and women deal with varying issues, emotions and situations when battling addiction. As a woman, you will trudge through much different circumstances throughout your recovery journey than men. Because of this, a gender-specific addiction treatment program that is hyper-focused on your unique situation and needs may be the best recovery route for you.

Top Women’s Rehab in Orange County

Studies have shown that developing sexual and intimate relationships in treatment have negative consequences in regard to completing treatment and achieving long-term
personal success and sobriety. While this is an isolated example, it effectively highlights a potential distracting factor associated with co-ed treatment facilities and the unforeseen temptations affiliated with shared traumatic experiences.

The road to recovery is notoriously bumpy. Full of distractions and road-blocks, navigating this journey requires complete commitment while actively avoiding all unnecessary distractions along the way.

Enrolling in a gender-specific treatment program narrows the scope of potential complications within the therapeutic environment. Additionally, it ensures that the content of the treatment program will be specifically focused on topical areas uniquely impacting your progress and personal journey.

1. Comfortable environments in which to heal yourself and address personal issues and hardships. As previously stated, traumatic experiences can play a major role in substance addiction and excessive emotionality. Being in the presence of men can elicit post-traumatic stress and cause a woman to feel emotionally exposed, negatively impacting potential therapeutic progress. In an all-female treatment environment, women can feel safe and secure knowing they won’t have to encounter unnecessary emotional triggers throughout their recovery journey.

2. Healthy and advantageous relationships can form, aiding in the recovery process. In a women’s-only addiction treatment program, the possibility for unhealthy romantic relationships are diminished, allowing you to focus on your emotional health and addictive history. This creates a situation in which your primary objective of sustained sobriety remains your sole focus and the relationships you forge support that goal entirely with no ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

3. Women-specific addiction issues can be thoroughly discussed. Whether addressing issues on pregnancy, parenting, sexual abuse, domestic violence, body image, legal trouble and so much more, a woman’s-only treatment program can empower you to get to the heart of important woman-centric matters with other women in an open, safe space.

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