Freedom from addiction is available for you or your loved one

Breaking the Chains of
For Over 30 Years

Breaking the Chains of Addiction For Over 30 Years

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Covenant Hills Treatment Is Still Accepting Clients!

As an accredited healthcare organization, Covenant Hills will continue to serve the public in addiction treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of highly specialized professionals are vigilant in maintaining the highest level of sanitation and prevention both in clients and staff. Please call us if you want more information about addiction treatment during mandated social isolation.

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Who We Are

For over three decades, we at Covenant Hills have provided a truly unique alternative to the traditional treatment of substance abuse. Our skilled professionals provide treatment modalities that are based on scientific evidence along with clinical expertise, while taking into account patient characteristics, culture and preferences.

Two Distinct Options for Recovery

Traditional Program

We believe that a strong spiritual foundation is essential to an effective recovery program for each client. The Covenant Hills Traditional program presents recovery based on God as the individual may understand Him (as presented in Alcoholics Anonymous).

Christian Program

The 12 Steps as applied by Alcoholics Anonymous have been drawn from the heart of the Scriptures. Our Christian 12 Step program is an integration of these foundational truths as they relate to the chemically addicted and emotionally wounded person.

The Best Call You'll Ever Make

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call now to speak with a caring counsellor on our confidential, 24/7 helpline.

Gender-Specific Treatment Facilities

Benefits of gender-specific rehab facilities in Orange County include stronger, more appropriate relationships with others in the program; no romantic distractions; more open discussion and discourse; a focus on unique, gender-specific issues; and more.

Men's Addiction Treatment

Men experience addiction differently than women. Our men’s treatment program offers an effective approach specifically for men to help them overcome addiction and any emotional or psychiatric issues they may be struggling with.

Women's Addiction Treatment

Women struggle with addiction and respond to treatment differently than men do. Our women’s treatment program offers a unique approach specifically for women to help them overcome addiction and any co-occurring disorders.

Testimonials of Changed Lives

Testimonials of Changed Lives

Addiction Treatment Resources

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