Gender Specific Rehab Programs

Gender-Separate Treatment in Orange County, CA

We believe that it is helpful for treatment success to provide completely separate living and treatment environments for men and women. The gender-separate approach prevents, among other things, inappropriate behavior between the sexes that can generate distractions and conflict in coed treatment settings. It also provides a safer environment to share issues and concerns without the male-female dynamics that permeate coed treatment programs.

Benefits of Gender-Separate Drug Rehab

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that men and women require different prevention and treatment approaches. Our approach to gender-separate treatment for substance abuse is mindful of the biological, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual factors that can impact the substance use in both women and men.

Some of the benefits of gender-separate drug rehab include:

One of the most important benefits of gender- separate treatment lies in the fact that men and women often begin using drugs or alcohol for different reasons. According to the US National Library of Medicine, there are a number of factors that affect men and women differently throughout the cycle of addiction, including differences in dependence, craving, and withdrawal.

As women and men have different outlooks, different ways of grieving, dealing with anger and differences in sharing their concerns with other men and women, we have developed gender specific programs to address their respective issues and approach them with an appropriate strategy.

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