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Man with praying hands at wooden tableOne’s Relationship With God is Vital To Their Drug Rehab Treatment Success

Drug addiction rehab treatment is serious business. Lives have the opportunity to be restored, strengthened and reborn. But with inadequate treatment, the results can be devastating: a financial investment with no return, excessively high relapse rates and an unsettled soul that did not get cleansed and refreshed.

Is there a way to ensure, as much as possible, that an intensive treatment program is successful?

Covenant Hills believes there is. Our Christian drug rehab treatment programs focus on the entire person – the whole person approach to care. When we speak of the whole person, we refer to the “three legs of the stool” – mind, body and spirit. If we only address two of the three legs, the stool doesn’t support weight very well, is unstable and eventually will fall down.

It is an appropriate metaphor for the post-treatment reality. Many treatment programs only focus on the “mind” and “body.” While those post-treatment clients may feel refreshed for a time, they ultimately will need to draw inner strength and peace from their relationship with God to sustain their sobriety.

Up to 50% of those who make it through an addiction treatment program will later relapse. Those who relapse may never get another opportunity to recover. We know that those who receive some type of aftercare support, notably in 12-Step programs, are less likely to relapse and more likely to live longer.[1]

The most common form of addition aftercare support is the 12-Step Program. 12-Step programs became widely known decades ago with their prolific use in Alcoholics Anonymous support groups. Those support groups, as their foundational core principles, were, and remain today, rooted in a strong relationship with God.

The Christian approach to drug rehab and aftercare support helps a transitional post-treatment user maintain their inner strength, receive support from others who are putting their trust in God, and fill their schedule with supportive people, and thoughts and activities. Most importantly, it reinforces one’s personal relationship with God. The positive time spent with God and in Christ-focused support groups strengthens the individuals “armor” and keeps their time, focus and energy in a positive and supportive environment.

Without that vital relationship with God, and without the support or others in a Christian drug treatment aftercare program, post-treatment users are expose themselves to risk. They have more idle time, and can be more tempted to revert to their behavior, friends and influences that led them to use in the first place.

They are more apt to be in less supporting environments. They are more apt to use and relapse. And relapse can be not just amazingly expensive and disruptive to lives, families and jobs. It can be deadly.

For these reasons, Covenant Hills believes the success of its clients for twenty years is a result of incorporating the “third leg of the stool” into its drug rehab treatment programs: a healthy and prosperous relationship with God.