We are committed to providing a unique, comprehensive array of services to meet the needs of adults with chemical dependency problems that meet specific admissions criteria. These services are delivered in Residential and Outpatient settings. We consider the chemically dependent individual to have a problem that will only progress in severity if left untreated. Therefore, all of our programs are designed to be effective and to have an impact in assisting our clients in recovering from their addiction and in building abstinent, productive lives.

For clients that meet the admission criteria for the Day Treatment level of care, the content and schedule is consistent with the Residential level of care with the clients arriving on their own by 7:30am. Our Day Treatment clients adhere to the same schedule and structure as the Residential clients, departing after the last scheduled event to return home or to an outside Sober Living Environment.

The treatment day starts with an affirmation group and then proceeds through a variety of activities which may include individual counseling, group therapy, lectures, didactic groups, community meetings, and specialized groups that focus on relapse prevention, cognitive restructuring, life skills and spiritual recovery. Many of the groups are divided, according to clients’ preferences, into Christian and Traditional sections. The Clients have ten to fifteen minute breaks between all groups, and have a one-hour lunch break in the middle of the day. In addition, there are scheduled exercise and personal recovery time groups. Clients are then served dinner, after which they participate either in community based 12-step meetings, in-house groups or other therapeutic activities.