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Day Treatment & Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County

Covenant Hills believes that, optimally, substance abuse treatment should begin with a Residential Treatment Program (after Detox if warranted).  Residential Treatment provides the most support in  a safe, contained environment.

Sometimes, however, there may be circumstances where Residential Treatment is not optimal. When this is the case, Covenant Hills offers Outpatient Rehab as an option for those who have been accepted to do so after an assessment. With Outpatient Treatment, you have the opportunity to live at a home or a sober living environment in the area, and will participate in the clinical structure of our Residential Inpatient program.

What to Expect in Outpatient Rehab

If you meet the admission criteria for the level of care needed for Day Treatment, the contents and schedule is consistent with our Residential level of care where you will arrive on your own by 7:30 am. You will follow the same schedule and structure as the residential rehab clients, departing after the last scheduled event to return home or to an outside Sober Living Environment.

A Typical Day in Outpatient Rehab at Covenant Hills

Our day treatment program typically starts with an affirmation group and then proceeds through a variety of activities, including individual counseling, group therapy, lectures, didactic groups, community meetings and specialized groups that focus on relapse prevention, cognitive restructuring, life skills and spiritual recovery.

You will have 10 to 15-minute breaks between all groups and have a one-hour lunch break in the middle of the day. In addition, there are scheduled exercise and personal recovery time groups. You are then served dinner, after which you will participate either in community-based 12-step meetings, in-house groups or other therapeutic activities.

Outpatient Program in South Orange County

At Covenant Hills, our Orange County outpatient program gives you the opportunity to heal from addiction while still living your everyday life. You’ll follow the same structure as our residential programs with the same therapy and support you need to overcome addiction.

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