Residential Treatment in Orange County California

Covenant Hills provides a 60-day treatment model in which clients progress from a highly-structured Residential Treatment environment under 24-hour supervision to a less structured setting.

Expert Staff at our Christian Addiction Treatment Centers

Our staff of caring professionals administers some of the most effective treatment methods available. Through lectures, process groups and individual counseling, our staff educates you about the psychological, physical and spiritual implications of long-term substance abuse and addiction.

During our residential drug treatment programs, we strive to help you discover and effectively address the emotional and psychological issues that might interfere with your recovery. We also help you build a relapse prevention plan by determining and addressing your own unique relapse warning signs.

Orange County, California is the ideal community to successfully complete substance abuse treatment and to recover from drug addiction. Covenant Hills is recognized as having one of the most successful substance abuse treatment facilities available, offering multiple options to clients to reconstruct their identity in a supportive and beautiful environment.

By escaping the environments that elicited their destructive behaviors, clients at Covenant Hills will finally have the chance to start fresh. With access to gorgeous beaches, an active and engaged local community, lively cultural events and beautiful weather, recovering addicts can focus on building their new life and avoid relapse.

Residential Treatment Orange County

Why Covenant Hills for Your Rehab Center?


Dedicated, Compassionate Staff

At Covenant Hills, the professional and highly trained staff of doctors, therapists, alcohol and drug counselors and pastors are available to help you make the right decisions during and after drug rehab.

Comprehensive, Individualized Program

With world-class programs, clients have a multitude of options that emphasize choice, individuality, and empowerment that are tailored to fit your needs.

Recognized for Quality

Covenant Hills has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and maintains the highest accreditation from CARF International, the primary accreditation agency for rehabilitative treatment. Our treatment facilities are state licensed and accredited, and we are affiliated with the America Association of Christian Counselors.

Proven Results
At Covenant Hills

Our residential treatment centers provide a comfortable, home-like living environment. Both living and treatment settings are gender-separate and gender-specific.

Your turn to make a move

Freedom from addiction is available for you or your loved one

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