Clients requiring highly structured, treatment are admitted to either our men’s or women’s Residential Inpatient Treatment programs, usually for 30 days. Our treatment settings provide a comfortable, home-like living environment under 24-hour supervision.

Our staff of caring professionals administers some of the most effective treatment available. Through lectures and individual counseling, our staff educates our clients about the psychological, physical and spiritual implications of long-term substance abuse. They help each client discover and effectively address emotional or psychological issues that might interfere with his or her recovery through group and individual counseling and psychotherapy. And, they help each client determine and address their own unique relapse warning signs.

Since our staff believes that a strong spiritual foundation is essential to an effective recovery program, clients are encouraged to establish or re-establish their relationship with God, as the individual may understand Him (as presented in Alcoholics Anonymous). Our Christian program is, as the name would indicate, Christ-centered. Our Traditional tract permits clients more latitude in their search for a higher power, true to the original concept of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our Programs Incorporate:

• Christian principles and values

• Treatment of co-occurring disorders

• Treatment of dual addictions

• Gender-separate programs

• Integrated Recovery Program

• Cross-Fit Exercise Program

• Relapse prevention (Gorski-model)

• Individual therapy and counseling

• Group counseling

• Family counseling

• Psychological testing

• Brain Imaging (Amen Clinic)

• 12-Step meetings

• Pastoral Counseling

• Aftercare at no charge

We Treat Addiction to:

• Alcohol

• Prescription Drugs

• Amphetamines

• Crystal Meth

• Cocaine

• Crack Cocaine

• Ecstasy

• Heroin

• Methadone