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Alcohol addiction is a debilitating disease that destroys a person’s mind, body, and soul. Alcohol addiction can make people feel isolated and consumed in their own worries, thoughts, and emotions. Individuals who use alcohol as an escape and coping mechanism will begin to withdraw themselves from activities and people they previously enjoyed.

Seeking alcohol abuse treatment is an essential step towards restoring a suffering individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Alcohol abuse treatment will help individuals become a part of a community larger than themselves and will restore their confidence and willpower to remain lifelong sobriety.

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, you are not alone. At Covenant Hills, the dedicated team of professionals implement successful, research-based techniques and therapies that will ensure that clients are given the tools needed to remain abstinent and live a meaningful life again.

The 4 Keys to Success in Alcohol Abuse Treatment

  1. Personalized treatment plans. The foundation for alcohol abuse treatment must revolve around the individual’s needs and goals. An alcohol abuse treatment program that emphasizes a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s current diagnosis, mental and emotional well-being, and physical state is vital in creating an individualized treatment plan. Personalized treatment plans include a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s likelihood for a co-occurring disorder. Furthermore, the detoxification process, psychotherapy treatment techniques, and the inpatient and outpatient care options will then be tailored to the individual’s specific diagnosis.

Creating an individualized treatment plan with the therapist and medical consultant will ensure that the individuals will be equipped with the essential skills to succeed when integrated back into their old environments. Choosing a treatment facility with individually-designed care is essential in order for recovering addicts to avoid a relapse. The treatment plan will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual’s specific diagnosis and therapy will be designed in accordance with the diagnosis or co-occurring diagnosis.

  1. Differentiated program and therapy options. Covenant Hills Differentiated program and therapy options are a crucial component of a successful recovery for individuals struggling with alcohol abuse. Having program options that include inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, gender-specific options and faith-based programs helps individuals gain the confidence needed to rebuild their identity.

In addition to diverse program options, therapy sessions will be individually designed based on the recovering addict’s specific diagnosis, needs, and goals.

The skills learned in therapy teaches individuals to replace harmful and destructive thoughts and behaviors with positive thoughts and productive outlets that nourish the mind, body, and soul. With individual, group, and familial therapy options, individuals will learn research-based coping strategies that will be used to maintain sobriety in everyday life, beyond completion of the program.

  1. Community of empowerment. One of the most important keys to success in alcohol abuse treatment is establishing a strong spiritual foundation in recovery and beyond. With the help of pastors and spiritual counselors, individuals will be connected to a positive and supportive community that will be present in times of struggle and in moments of success.

Through His teachings, recovering addicts will learn how to build resiliency against their addiction and find solace in times of struggle and pain. Instead of turning to alcohol to cope with life’s daily tribulations, individuals will find comfort in prayer and with a community of people that seek to empower each other. This is a crucial component in alcohol abuse treatment because individuals are lost on their path of life and need spiritual guidance on how to lead a good quality of life.

  1. Time to heal. With the help of a dedicated team of medical doctors, therapists, pastors, and spiritual counselors, individuals are given the time needed to fully restore their mind, body, and soul. The key to success is time and giving individuals the courage needed to struggle and make mistakes, rebuild their resilience, cultivate self-compassion, and be guided back to the light.

With time and support, individuals will learn how to take responsibility for their actions and rebuild their resiliency against the urge to consume alcohol. Suffering souls will discover a newly found joy in productive activities and will learn how to create a positive support network when integrated back into their own communities.

Covenant Hills Approach to Alcohol Treatment

At Covenant Hills, a community of support is waiting for you and will help you renew your life once again. Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a Christian-based approach to helping anyone suffering from an addiction fully recover and live the life of their dreams. Their diverse program options, individually-designed quality care, highly trained professional staff, and prestigious accreditations meets the needs of all individuals. Covenant Hills is equipped in helping anyone struggling with an addiction restore their spiritual foundation by restoring their connection with God

Covenant Hills Treatment is a faith-based drug addiction and rehab treatment facility north of San Diego in Orange County, California, and also in San Antonio, Texas. For those who chose the faith-based track, Covenant Hills emphasizes a whole person approach to care and clients work with pastors, therapists, and counselors who are professionally trained in the Christian-based treatment program. Staff help individuals connect to a larger community of God and support the process of finding purpose again in one’s life beyond their addiction. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, call Covenant Hills treatment specialists today at (800) 662-2873 for a free and confidential assessment.