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Drug and alcohol abuse eventually lead to addiction. The rate at which people are getting addicted to alcohol and drugs like meth, heroin, and cocaine is increasing daily. Age does not matter as anyone can get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Getting hooked not only affects your life negatively but also the life of your loved ones.

Many jobs have been lost and marriages broken because of alcohol and drug addiction. If you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction, an addiction treatment center can help you recover. Deciding to seek help from an addiction treatment center can be a sensitive topic. Less than 12% of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction enroll in rehabilitation centers.

Once you or your loved one decides to seek treatment, your family faces many choices. The right treatment center, questions on whether the center will meet your specific needs, and if it aligns with your faith. Choosing a Christian addiction treatment center has many benefits for both believers and non-believers.

Benefits of Christian Addiction Treatment

Counselors and Mentors

The most important period of your life while at the center is bridging the gap from addiction to recovery.  At this stage, you have to master your actions, emotions, and thoughts. One of the best parts of these rehabs is that they have trained professionals who guide and talk to you through your troubles leading you to a better path.

The mentors here have the same beliefs as you and they serve as your coaches and role models during your journey to recovery while helping you draw closer to God.

Stable Environment

These centers are secure and safe. They are well suited for new recovering addicts as they are free from alcohol and all substances that may tempt the clients.


It is one of the things that clients look for in a rehabilitation center. It contributes a lot to peace of mind when one is recovering from an addiction. These centers offer privacy to their clients, giving them peace of mind and a chance to reflect on their past decisions.

Peer Support

At the rehab center, every client is trying their best to get off addiction. The environment at the center makes them feel better as no one is judging them. They share how they are fairing and support each other by giving and taking advice from one another.

Christ-Centered Sober Living Arrangements

Addiction treatment experts recommend that those seeking continued support post-rehab should live in sober living facilities. These facilities provide a built-in support system and a safe environment where you can heal. Here, they also have sober living facilities where their clients share devotions that lead them to a holy life.

Zero Tolerance

The rehabilitation center does not allow the anyone to have drugs on them. This policy safeguards clients from getting addicted again. If found in possession of a drug or alcohol in the center, that client is normally asked to leave.


The client are normally given aftercare after their recovery. The rehab center helps them transition into society and guides them on how to stay away from alcohol and drugs once they are out of the program to prevent them from relapsing.

Faith-Based Support

Many people believe that faith is important in treating addiction. Most of the staff here are Christians. If you are a non-believer, do not despair as these centers provide support for people who are looking for religious support and those who are not looking for one.

They believe that Jesus cares and loves everyone, regardless of their past, and He alone can provide the healing the clients need. Being surrounded by people who share the same principles and ideas as you, impacts you positively during the therapy.

Showing Christ’s love and incorporating His teachings is a crucial part of the therapy. They help clients grow their relationship with Jesus. You do not have to belong to a local church or be a Christian to enroll in a Christian addiction treatment center.

A Better Understanding of God’s Love

One of the Christians’ beliefs is that Jesus loves you and accepts you the way you are. Being here allows you to recover without shame, judgment, and blame. The environment here is made conducive through staff that are compassionate, loving, and dedicated to your overall health.

The center welcomes you with open arms and assures you of Jesus’ love and patience. In doing so, they show to the world the aim and attitude of Jesus of wholly fixing the person with great love.

Beyond Addiction Services

The center believes that apart from affecting the emotions, brain, and body, addiction also has a spiritual component. They encourage individuals to know the reasons that made them turn to alcohol and substance abuse and find ways of healing the person from both addiction and whole self. They put more focus on things such as struggles with faith, family issues, and self-care.

They believe that getting hooked to alcohol and drugs is a symptom of something hidden. For this reason, they desire to wholly treat you by getting to the bottom of what led you to addiction in the first place and freeing you from it. Since addiction varies from one person to another, they have specialized programs aimed at developing a close relationship with their clients.

They also guide you through recovery by meditation and prayer to help you build a close relationship with God.

Covenant Hills Christian Addiction Treatment

Addiction can destroy your life while causing pain to your loved ones also. If you want to save yourself from the doom that hangs around drug and alcohol abuse, enroll in a Christian addiction treatment center today and get the necessary help. Covenant Hills, an addiction treatment center in Orange County, have the best support system that can help you in your journey to recovery. Apart from helping you build your faith in God, they will help you get your life together and give you hope for a better tomorrow. Feel free to contact us today for more information.