Why Some People Become Addicted More Easily

Pretty young woman looking into the camera with her boyfriend out of focus in the background

Addiction is a disease that inhibits the mind, body, and soul from functioning in a normal and meaningful way. Some individuals become extremely mentally and physically dependent on drugs to cope […]

Living a life of Integrity. How an Addict Got There

girl in high grass on a sunny day.Integrity is defined as the “quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.” If you have suffered from drug addiction, leading a life filled with honesty and morality is not an impossible goal. […]

The First 30 Days Clean

Friends Having Lunch Together At HomeThe first 30 days clean are absolutely critical for individuals recovering from drug addiction. The first 30 days set the foundation for the remainder of the recovery journey and become the true testament of the individual’s ability to remain abstinent.

If you […]

3 Steps to Help in Your Drug Treatment Recovery

A young attractive woman with a slight smileYou have already made the life changing decision to fully recovery from your drug addiction. You have committed to a lifelong journey now full of self-fulfillment and resilience. Your will power against your addiction will grow stronger and its […]

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