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A young attractive woman with a slight smileYou have already made the life changing decision to fully recovery from your drug addiction. You have committed to a lifelong journey now full of self-fulfillment and resilience. Your will power against your addiction will grow stronger and its power against you will grow weaker every day as you move forward in your recovery journey and continue to grow in your relationships and faith.

As you work with your sponsor and/or therapist to refine and accomplish your goals, there are 3 steps you can take to help in your drug addiction treatment recovery. These 3 steps will help to fortify your commitment to recovery and will continue to help build resilience against your addiction to avoid a relapse in the future.

3 Steps You Can Take to Help in Your Drug Treatment Recovery

1. Use your coping skills. In order to remain on the path of recovery, it is absolutely essential that you practice using your coping mechanisms learned in treatment and therapy. Whether you are experiencing emotional or physical pain throughout the detoxification process, using self soothing strategies will help you to remain sober.

Coping mechanisms such as positive self-talk, writing in a journal, exercising, meditation, or praying can help you to stay present in the moment and react in a productive way. Using coping strategies learned in therapy during your drug treatment recovery will help you figure out which techniques work best for you. This allows you to adapt your treatment plan and refine your goals with your therapist so that you can continue to use these strategies upon completion of the program.

2. Be honest. Drug treatment recovery can take a tremendous mental and physical toll on your body. Not only are you experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms from the detoxification process but you are also trying to rebuild your self-concept and restore your life’s purpose. In order to fully recover from addiction, you need to be honest with the people who are supporting you every step of the way.

Being honest with your therapist about struggling moments and your overall mental and physical well-being will ensure that your treatment plan is individually designed to adapt to your specific needs. Additionally, connecting with family and friends and telling them the truth about your experience will allow you to establish stronger relationships that will be present when you are integrated back into your community. Being open and honest about your past, present, and future will allow for you to make powerful connections during individual, group, and family therapy sessions and will give you the strength needed in avoiding a relapse. Building relationships with a foundation of trust can truly help save you and restore meaning back into your life.

3. Stay committed to faith.  Staying committed to the 12-step Christian recovery program will ensure that you are never alone for the rest of your life. The Word of God will continue to restore meaning and purpose to your life. Being connected to a church community, engaging in daily prayer, and helping others in the community will allow you to empathize with all individuals and become a better person.

Staying committed to faith during drug treatment recovery will help you establish inner peace, mindfulness, and forgiveness within yourself. Putting your entire heart and soul into dedicating your life to sobriety will open doors of opportunity in your personal and professional life.

Commitment to Providing Whole-Person Care

The dedicated staff at Covenant Hills focuses on the “whole-person approach” to helping patients fully restore their mind, body, and spirit from addiction. The world class staff of medical experts, therapists, counselors, and pastors are committed to establishing individually designed care that meets the needs of every suffering individual. With research based approaches and a spiritual foundation, you will be given the tools needed to avoid a relapse and live a fulfilling life again.

At Covenant Hills, you have a wide-range of treatment program options that include inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare choices. All of these options promote a Christ-centered version of whole person health and help individuals maintain abstinence. With support and encouragement provided every single step of the way, Covenant Hills offers effective researched based approaches to curing you of your disease and bringing you closer to God.

We care, and we can help. Call us today at (888) 662-2873 to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and receive a free assessment.