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Tracking Your Alcohol Consumption

When you head out with your friends to kick start the weekend, you promise yourself you’re only going to have one drink. After all, it was a long, stressful week and you’re tired. But when you get to the bar and settle in, that one glass of wine turns into two. Then, you accept a […]

Mindfulness and Drug Addiction Treatment

The destructive effects of drugs can have lifelong consequences on individuals who are suffering. These individuals turn to drugs as an escape mechanism to avoid life’s difficult moments and do not know how to cope in a positive and productive way. Struggling addicts do not know how to restore their mind, body, and soul from […]

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem with Alcohol?

Women reflecting on alcohol treatment looking at the oceanFor many people, having a drink in social settings, such as a wedding or birthday party, is absolutely normal. However, many Americans struggle with their relationship with alcohol and may not understand that their drinking behaviors can actually […]

Four Keys to Success in Alcohol Abuse Treatment

African American man conteplating treatmentAlcohol addiction is a debilitating disease that destroys a person’s mind, body, and soul. Alcohol addiction can make people feel isolated and consumed in their own worries, thoughts, and emotions. Individuals who use alcohol as an escape and coping mechanism will begin […]

Physical Effects of Prolonged Alcohol Abuse

Couple huggingExcessive use of alcohol can have devastating physical effects on the user. When an individual continuously drinks alcohol in excess, has difficulty controlling their behavior, and develops a tolerance to its effects over time, the individual often is diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). If […]

The Role of a Spiritual Counselor in Drug Addiction Treatment

Group Of Friends Meeting For Lunch In Coffee ShopAccording to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2014 alone, approximately 21.5 million people, aged 12 and older, had a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in the past year. Many individuals who are suffering from […]

Alcoholism: Is there a Difference Between Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor?

Closeup portrait of troubled man looking at camera, worried.Alcoholism remains an epidemic in the U.S. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says 16.3 million adults were diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in 2014. Whether alcohol is used to battle the symptoms of […]

Drugged Driving vs Drunk Driving

Man driving a car at nightFor several decades, our society has become acutely aware of the adverse effects of drunk driving. Field sobriety tests, breathalyzers, MADD, steering wheel locks, designated drivers and random police checkpoints were all born from heightened public awareness and anti-DUI […]

Understanding Binge Drinking

Beautiful Girl Relaxing OutdoorsIf the title of this article grabbed your attention, chances are you suspect you or a loved one might be a “binge drinker.” But what defines binge drinking? And even if we understand what qualifies as binge drinking, does it mean […]

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