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Group Of Friends Meeting For Lunch In Coffee ShopAccording to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2014 alone, approximately 21.5 million people, aged 12 and older, had a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in the past year. Many individuals who are suffering from drug addiction may go unrecognized and untreated. They may feel lost on the path of life and need guidance and support to help them defeat their addiction and remain abstinent.

Recovering from addiction does not have to be a lonely and isolated process. In fact, establishing a strong spiritual foundation with the help of Christian counselors will enhance the quality of life of recovering addicts. Spiritual counselors provide an entryway towards finding a more meaningful and purposeful life beyond the label of addiction. The role of spiritual counselors is to empower individuals to use their faith to rebuild a sober and healthy life.

Benefits of Spirituality in Drug Addiction Recovery

Anyone can establish a faith journey. It is the belief in a higher power and a feeling of connectedness to something larger than oneself. For individuals in drug addiction treatment, spirituality becomes the foundation in restoring one’s mind, body, and soul from harmful toxins.

According to a multifaceted study conducted by the National Institute of Health, the role of spirituality in addiction recovery helps provide social support and improves the quality of life of recovering addicts. It has been shown that the role of spirituality and 12-step recovery programs help to decrease the recovering addict’s stress and improves the overall well-being of individuals who are suffering.

To fully experience the benefits of faith in drug addiction treatment, individuals struggling with drug addiction need help and guidance from Christian counselors. Spiritual counselors play a vital role in the treatment process by encouraging individuals to use grace to transform negative thoughts and behaviors into positive actions.

The Role of a Christian Counselor in Drug Addiction Treatment

Spiritual counselors administer a spiritual assessment. Often, individuals turn to drugs to cope with isolation, difficult moments, or the symptoms of a psychological disorder. During drug addiction treatment, spiritual counselors assess the recovering addict’s spectrum of spirituality. Recovering addicts can still establish spirituality despite their specific religious belief. Those who are searching for a deeper meaning in life and are unsure of their current belief system will be provided with the tools needed to connect closer to faith.

Spiritual counselors play an empathetic and compassionate role in the addiction recovery process. Spiritual counselors do not judge or reprimand individuals for their mistakes. Instead, they help individuals find a higher purpose to their lives by understanding their journey and making a treatment plan that emphasizes healing the mind, body, and soul from addiction. Spiritual counselors understand that recovering addicts are experiencing a wide range of painful mental and physical withdrawal symptoms and need to be supported every step of the way. They help individuals defeat their demons and avoid a relapse by establishing productive coping mechanisms and creating personal and professional goals.

Spiritual counselors enhance connection. Spiritual counselors facilitate  individual and group spiritual counseling sessions that focus on cultivating self-compassion and inter-connectedness. They aid individuals in mending positive family and friend relationships that may have been ruined from drug addiction. Additionally, spiritual counselors facilitate group spiritual counseling sessions to provide a positive outlet for individuals by creating a community of support and understanding. Spiritual counselors will connect individuals to the Church community and will help them create a plan that is based in faith so that they will avoid a relapse when integrated back into their old environments.

Spiritual counselors instill mindfulness. Establishing a strong spiritual foundation helps recovering addicts decrease their stress levels and understand their difficult moments. Spiritual counselors work closely with the medical staff, pastors, and therapists to help their patients understand their negative thoughts and behaviors so that they can transform them into positive outcomes. Spiritual counselors provide patients with the tools needed to battle difficult moments and ensure that individuals surround themselves with positive people that celebrate the power of the human spirit.

Benefits of a Faith-based Treatment Program

Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a faith-based, Christ-centered approach to helping anyone recover from their addiction. Our professionally trained staff include spiritual counselors, ordained pastors, dietitians, doctors and therapists to provide you with the spiritual support you need to fully recover from addiction. The shared humanity you will feel along with an in-depth recovery program will empower you to become the whole-bodied and spiritual human being you are meant to be.

Covenant Hills focuses on a “whole-person” approach to care and uses faith to guide individuals through every part of the 12-step treatment program. This transformative process allows individuals to recognize their struggle and connect to professionals who are dedicated in helping individuals reconnect to God and to their community for support. Their comprehensive program options are rooted in the 12-steps with the understanding that individuals cannot overcome their addiction alone. With the help of spiritual counselors, individuals will learn how to avoid a relapse and live a healthy and meaningful life.

Do you need help, or is a loved one struggling with addiction? Please call us today at (888) 662-2873. This is a free, confidential call and assessment.