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Treatment Philosophy

Covenant Hills Treatment Center


We consider chemical dependency to be a physical, mental, and spiritual disease and the chemically dependent person to be deserving of the same respect and dignity afforded to persons afflicted with any other illness. We believe that individuals can recover from their disease and can rebuild abstinent productive lives in recovery.

We consider it essential to address the full spectrum of each client’s psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. Without addressing the whole person, the individual struggling with addiction is left without all the necessary tools to return to a healthy, fruitful life in recovery.

Recovery from addictive disorders is a process of transformation. And while we cannot provide a cure for addictive disorders or promise that our clients will never experience relapse, we can and do prepare our clients to recognize and respond to their own relapse process. In this way, each client’s recovery is optimized.

Clients are encouraged to respect themselves and to take responsibility for their own lives. Recovery from chemical dependence requires a decision on the part of the client to accept and fully participate in the treatment process and to encourage the participation of family and significant others when appropriate. We provide a supportive atmosphere conducive to clients making the right decisions.

To ensure an optimal response to our treatment program, a wide variety of treatment modalities are offered, including the work of Terence Gorski, M.A., one of the leading authorities on recovery and relapse prevention. And while our multi-disciplinary treatment team is committed to expanding our repertoire of modalities, we believe that the self-help group of Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous is the modality with the broadest measure of success.

We believe that a strong spiritual foundation is essential to an effective recovery program and that the nature of that spiritual foundation is revealed in the quality of each client’s relationship with God. We encourage and nurture this relationship in both the Christian 12-Step program and the Traditional program tract. Regardless of an individual’s religious beliefs, our treatment can help them successfully recover from their addiction.

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