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The sober curious movement came to life in 2020. Despite everything going on and lockdowns, people had an impactful mind shift towards their soberness. A morning consult report has it that 16% of adults are drinking more alcohol due to quarantine. With a whopping 55% increase in alcoholic drink sales in March, many people feel like they are slowly spiraling out of control. Also, it is becoming harder for people to make a choice not to drink. Here is a breakdown to sober curious movement.

Understanding the sober curious lifestyle

The sober curious movement is all about creating a balance in your life by examining your drinking choices. The movement advocates cutting back on alcohol even though it does not mean you have to give up drinking. It also advocates for healthier ways of living like, joining a book club and hanging out in non-alcoholic environments.

The sober curious advocate Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington, a 43-year-old British writer, talks about her journey with alcohol. She recounts that she would take a glass or two after a hard day at the office. The writer also found herself drinking a glass or two to keep away the feeling of dis-ease. When she approaches a nutritionist for assistance, the nutritionist recommends that she cuts back on sugar and coffee to ease sleeplessness and anxiety.

She explains that she only found relief when she decided to evaluate her drinking habits. Quitting drinking helped her lower anxiety and healthy sleep patterns.

For most people, the idea of quitting alcohol is unachievable. It is not an option when you do not have the proper support from an addiction intervention treatment.

Ruby Warrington, who came up with the phrase ‘sober curious’ and the founder of Club soda, views it as a way to have a healthier, focused, and anxiety-free life by cutting back on alcohol.

Why should you consider joining the movement?

There are several reasons why you need to join the sober curious movement. Does any of the following statements ring a bell?

  • You find drinking as a coping mechanism
  • You do not like the widespread presence of alcohol
  • Question why you are drinking in the first place
  • Only drink socially
  • Want to reap the benefits of going without alcohol
  • Make a conscious decision not to drink

Questioning why you need that drink is a sign that you have control over your drinking habits. Sober curious people can control their drinking habits. They find it deep within themselves to choose whether to drink or not to making drinking less of a coping mechanism.

The widespread use of alcohol makes it hard for people to admit that they have grappled with the questions above. Often there will be a sense of guilt when you oppose the idea of drinking.

Through this movement, people can now outright acknowledge their decision to quit drinking all the same and remain hip and socially acceptable.

Sober curious lifestyle

It all began with social campaigns like Go Sober for October and Dry January, where people give up drinking for a month.

The sober curious lifestyle begins with looking into healthier ways to deal with the issues that drive drinking. Like all the other healthy living movements, this movement will grow gradually. There is a rise in the number of people looking to cut back on alcohol and live their best lives without alcohol.

Across the country, people are opening sober bars where they serve mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks. Sober bars are coming up well as they remove the pressures and the dangers associated with alcohol. They also breathe into life a place where people can come together and socialize.                 

Further questions to ask yourself when out on a party. 

  • How will drinking affect my wellbeing?
  • Why is it that it is expected of me to drink?
  • Why am I choosing to pick up this drink?


There are good things you will reap from cutting alcohol intake. Here is a list.

  • No more hangovers
  • Less trouble sleeping
  • Improved concentration
  • No more feelings of anxiety or depression

People struggling with addiction

While this may seem like a good choice, it may not work for people with severe addiction. People battling addiction will struggle to strike a balance. If they go for long without alcohol, they need assistance. Otherwise, it could be dangerous to their health. 

Addiction facilities that help people recover from addiction view this as more dangerous. Instead, they advocate for seeking help to detox from alcohol before you start your sober journey.

Covenant Hills Treatment, a facility based in Orange County, CA, has been helping people seeking addiction treatment. They offer both Christian based and non-Christian approach to help beat addiction. Treatment in this facility can set your life back on track and help you regain your life from the bottle.

Favorable coping mechanisms

If you use alcohol to fight stress, or after a breakup or any other reason that points to stress, you may need to find better coping mechanisms. Ruby Warrington says her go-to mechanism to a healthy life is meditation. It helps you focus on the issues and find the inner peace you need to confront your problems.

Another easy way to get a grip on your drinking habits is to find people who have the same interests in cutting back on alcohol.

More resources for sober curious community

If you want to keep learning about being a sober curious lifestyle, you can look into this podcast. It features personal stories from people who are not typical alcohol. Recovering addicts can also find AA support in places like She recovers, a platform for women recovering from different addictions.

Take away

Sober curiosity is a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle. However, we must also acknowledge that there is more to sobriety than picking up a behavior. Getting to the root of your addiction should be the main priority to help you make better decisions about your alcohol intake.

Contact us for Alcohol addiction treatment, and you will have a good foundation for your new alcohol-free lifestyle.