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Prescription drug addiction myths are growing, and they affect the way people use drugs. It is also the reason why the number of people abusing opioids is forever on the rise. According to this report by CDC, 70% of 70,630 deaths in 2019 involved an Opioid. The report also covers prescription drugs.

A better understanding of using prescription drugs and bursting the myths can help people use drugs properly. In a bid to curb the rising prescription drug addiction, healthcare providers are educating people on proper drug use. Here are some myths about prescription drugs and the facts. 

Myth #1 – If you feel the pain, you can take more pills

Most people think that it is okay to take more pills when they are in pain. Also, people admit to taking two or three rounds of pain killers when in pain. Does the extra painkiller harm you?

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

If you take more than the required amount of drugs, it will hurt you. The set amounts on the prescription are guides to the acceptable amount of substance needed from a drug to treat you. It is an informed decision following years and rounds of research and testing.

Doctors have a reason why they write prescriptions for everyone according to their level of need.

Using higher amounts exposes you to more risks like side effects of the drug, make you feel worse, or even put your life at risk.  

Myth #2 – Prescription medications are safer than non-prescription meds

Just because you got it from the doctor does not give you the right to abuse it. Misusing a drug can lead to addiction or have adverse effects on your health.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

Overdosing or taking too much of a prescriptive drug can cause problems like kidney and liver failure. They can also cause bleeding in the stomach.

Drug combinations such as prescription drugs and herbal medicines can cause drug interactions and cause harm. It is vital to make your doctor aware of any supplementsyou are currently taking when getting a prescription.

Myth #3 Herbals are safe than prescription medication

People who use herbal medicine use desired quantities since they are from nature and cannot harm us.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

Herbal medicine also holds the potential to harm. It has active elements just like the ones you find in prescription drugs. 

 When buying herbal medicine, use a prescription so as not to overdose. Herbal medication is more likely to create serious side effects as they are mostly unregulated.

Seek advice from your healthcare provider before you order herbal medication. Also, ask whether you can take them along with your doctor’s prescription medicine.

Myth #4 I am drinking responsibly and still taking my prescribed medicine

Many people cite that they continue drinking while taking prescription drugs. They think there is no harm in taking a glass of beer while strictly following their medication.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

Alcohol can affect the way your prescription drugs work. Some may become overactive or underactive.

Taking prescription opiates like Vicodin and OxyContin with alcohol may lead to breathing problems and even death. They both slow breathing, causing death.

Myth #5 I do not have time to go to the doctor. I will order medication online.

It is a common belief that you can buy medicine when you feel ill rather than spend money on seeking medical attention. With the rise of online services, people have it easy to buy medicine off the counter.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

You should buy medicine with a prescription. Self-medicating can make it harder to get treatment. Remember that each prescription is according to your state and needs.

The internet may also seem like a safe place to buy medication, but it is important to crosscheck the source. You may find that they are not selling the right products. Also, note some of the drugs sold online could be from a dumpster.

Taking any medication without a proper diagnosis can make you more ill or mask symptoms that could end up killing you.

Myth #6 can I use my partner’s medication?

When living with someone, you may get tempted to use their prescription medicine, especially when you have similar symptoms.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

It is illegal to share prescription drugs with other people. The prescription is only valid to the person given. If they share their medication with you, they will have to under-dose on the medicine and consequently fall ill. 

It is Illegal to do the following.

  • Take another person’s prescription medicine
  • Sell medication to someone else
  • Buy medication for someone
  • Share your medication with someone

Myth #7 Some prescription drugs help people concentrate and do well in school

Teenagers and school-going kids believe that there are medications like Adderall, meant for ADHD patients that can help them concentrate.

6% of students in college have abused Adderall. It is common for students to use these drugs to boost their performance in class.

Student-athletes also use the drug to boost their performance in the field.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

When taking a stimulant like Adderall, you should get a prescription first. The drug may have a different reaction to your body.

While the drug can make you concentrate and boost your performance, it might have lasting side effects on your body. It is easy to get dependent on stimulants. 

Using them over a long time may mean you have to use them to function even in class. That also decreases your cognitive performance.

Myth # 8 It is easy to stop prescription medication

People think just because it was prescribed to me by a doctor, they can stop taking it.

Prescription Drug Addiction Fact:

Once you develop a dependence on particular prescription medicine, you may find it harder to stop taking it. You will suffer side effects which can even cause death if you do not seek medical attention. Here are common side effects of drug withdrawal.

Opioid withdrawal can cause muscle pain, cramps, and anxiety

Stimulant withdrawal can lead to extreme fatigue, trouble thinking, depression, extreme hunger, and body pain

Prescription hypnotic withdrawal can cause motor problems, catatonia, delirium, and depression

Benzo withdrawal causes muscle cramps, anxiety, and panic attacks, among other symptoms

Help for addiction 

Prescription drug addiction may be a result of uninformed drug use decisions. At Covenant Hills Treatment Orange County, CA, we offer help to people seeking prescription drug addiction treatment. We have two strands of treatment. We have the Christian approach and the non-religious approach. If your loved one is struggling with prescription drugs, they need urgent medical intervention.

Call us today and book an appointment with our addiction specialists. Get in touch today and learn how we can guide you to a healthy and fulfilling life.