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Struggling through the disease of addiction can leave a person feeling hopelessly lost and terrified. Like clinging to a slippery rock in a raging river, your hold on the situation is tenuous at best.

The pressures to succumb to your addictive impulses leave you physically exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, pushing you to your breaking point. That is why deciding to proactively confront your addiction head-on by entering into a rehab facility is one of the most amazing decisions you can ever make.

It’s no secret that fighting an addiction requires more than positive thoughts and good intentions. It can necessitate qualified clinicians guiding your efforts and potentially a medical detox in order to safely return your body back to homeostasis.

Whichever addiction you are facing, having the courage to ask for assistance is commendable and greatly increases your chances of sustaining the sobriety you long to achieve.

Much more than traditional addiction rehab, addiction recovery at Covenant Hills focuses on your whole person – giving your mind, body and spirit the attention and nurturing it deserves to fully heal.

Through our Christian-based, individualized addiction treatment, your psychological, emotional, physical, nutritional, fitness and spiritual needs will be addressed and supported throughout the entire healing process.

Learn about our Christ-centered drug addict recovery process:

Drug Addict Recovery Process: How Long Does Addiction Recovery Take?

The time frame for properly addressing your addiction and attaining a sober state of mind and body varies for everyone.

Depending on the substance fueling your addiction, and the longevity of your substance use disorder, the rehabilitation process can include a detoxification period, an extended stay at a residential inpatient program, placement into a transitional housing facility and aftercare support.

All of these phases of recovery serve specific purposes and aid in your ability to achieve and sustain your substance abstinence.

In addition, identifying the most appropriate facility to initiate your recovery journey is vital to your overall achievement and long-term success with sobriety. We always stress that it’s imperative you make sure the rehab program you choose addresses your particular area of addiction while adequately facilitating your specific clinical, personal, physical and spiritual needs.

The Recovery Process of Addiction

Your Decision to Get Help and Get Sober.

Making the brave decision to actually start the recovery process can be the most difficult part of your addiction journey. Taking this first step requires you to admit that a problem actually exists, and for most people battling addiction, this admission does not come easy.

Fortunately, the recovery journey is not one that you have to walk alone at Covenant Hills.

Psalm 18:2 states that the Lord is our rock, our fortress and our deliverer. Calling upon Him to provide you the strength and support needed to overcome your fears and begin the recovery process is an essential component to defeating your substance addiction.

Drug Detox.

This portion of the recovery process is an essential first step in addressing a longstanding substance addiction. Due to the physical toll that prolonged substance use can have on the body, stopping drug use can have a tremendously negative impact on your physical wellbeing and require extensive medical oversight.

A drug detox ensures that you safely return to a healthy state of living while preparing your mind and body to begin the next phase of recovery.

At Covenant Hills, we assess whether or not detox is needed. If it is required for optimal recovery, we will transfer you to an affiliated facility before you enter one of our residential treatment programs.

Residential Inpatient Therapy.

Once you are physically prepared to transition into treatment, your stay in residential inpatient therapy will begin. During this phase, you will submerse yourself into a clinically supportive environment during which your addictive impulses, maladaptive behavioral patterns, social support network and overall mental health will be thoroughly addressed.

Through individualized treatment planning and collaborative clinical counseling at Covenant Hills, the process of residential therapy will aid in identifying the source of your addictive patterns and challenge you to supplement those impulses with healthy personal decisions.

Transitional Care.

A common “step down” to inpatient therapy is transitional care. During this phase at Covenant Hills, you will experience a less restrictive living environment but still receive consistent clinical support and spiritual guidance.

This portion of the recovery process encourages you to begin reshaping your reality, implementing learned therapeutic techniques and actively participating and engaging in additional therapeutic sessions to continue your clinical education.

After Care Support.

This final portion of the recovery process is akin to a safety net. After completing the entirety of treatment, this phase of the recovery journey provides continued group support and individual care. We work with you to identify sound therapy options and supportive sober community-based groups you can join close to home.

By this point in the recovery journey, it is expected that you have achieved sustained sobriety and are well on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. This aftercare support simply aids in maintaining and reinforcing all of the valuable treatment techniques that you have learned along the way.

At Covenant Hills, we are confident that our addiction treatment programs and relapse prevention therapy can help those who are serious about ridding their life of addiction.

However, we understand that we cannot provide a cure for addictive disorders or promise that our clients will never experience relapse.

Because of this, we offer Recovery Assurance Guarantee to individuals who relapse, for any reason, after completing one of our addiction treatment programs. Through this initiative, you can return for a week of stabilization and evaluation at no cost.

While the road to recovery can be long and arduous, the rewards of a sober lifestyle far outweigh the difficulties associated with the process of recovery. God is your rock and in whom you can take refuge when the storms of life are bearing down. Remembering this in your times of need can provide you with the motivation needed to not only start your recovery journey but see the process through to completion.

Christian-Based Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab at Covenant Hills

As a renowned Christian-based drug rehabilitation center in Southern California, Covenant Hills is a safe place to find peace and connection throughout the recovery journey. We deliver world-class addiction treatment with a dedicated team of medical doctors, licensed addiction therapists and counselors who will empower you to achieve your goals of lifelong sobriety.

Through our whole-person approach, we’re here to help guide you back to the person God made you to be.

Learn more about our Christian-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.