Why Covenant Hills?

Are you struggling with drug addiction and do not know who to turn to for hope? Covenant Hills Treatment Center is recognized as one of the best drug rehab treatment centers in the Los Angeles and San Diego area. At Covenant Hills, the dedicated team of medical doctors, licensed addiction therapists, and counselors will empower you to achieve your goals of lifelong sobriety.

At Covenant Hills you will find everything you are looking for to instill peace, faith, and compassion back into your life. Our whole person approach, comprehensive programs, outstanding professional team, and stunning scenic locations offers individuals the chance of a lifetime to fully recover from their debilitating drug addiction.

Covenant Hills is a safe place to find peace and connection throughout the recovery journey. At Covenant Hills, the world class staff helps every client restore the relationship self and family all while ensuring that individuals will be given the time and assistance needed in fully recovering their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Covenant Hills Approach to Drug Rehab Treatment

Here is what makes Covenant Hills Treatment Center the best place to successfully recover from your drug addiction:

  • Safe place. Covenant Hills offers a safe place for you to surrender from all of your struggles. It is a very empowering environment that allows you to be accepted and grow into the person you are meant to be. You are given a fresh start and a new chance for a sober life when you make the decision to call Covenant Hills.

    Covenant Hillls FacilityIf you are struggling with addiction, you probably feel lost and alone. Covenant Hills opens its doors to everyone, no matter your story, addiction, or past decisions. The professional staff of medical clinicians, therapists, counselors, and pastors does not judge you. Our team’s sole focus is to help you regain your life.

    We do that by first conducting a comprehensive assessment for your diagnosis – or co-occurring diagnosis if you might be struggling with other challenges like depression, anxiety, trauma or relationship issues – and then create an individually designed treatment plan to best fit your needs. Your recovery plan will include individual, group, familial, and spiritual counseling sessions. These sessions provide a positive support network and teach you useful self-soothing strategies to elicit the relaxation response in difficult moments.

  • Whole-person approach. The dedicated staff at Covenant Hills understands that individuals are affected by drugs in a multi-faceted way. Individuals who are suffering from drug addiction can become lost mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. They need guidance to bring them back to being a balanced, fully functioning person again.Smiling Man

    Covenant Hills offers a comprehensive approach to treatment and gives you time to fully recover from your addiction. Even when the physical body gets used to the absence of the drug, therapists and spiritual counselors work with you to help you overcome your mental cravings for the drug and the emotions it elicits. Through cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques, such as CBT and DBT, you will learn essential techniques to transform your negative thoughts and behaviors into a positive outlet.

  • Diverse options. At Covenant Hills, you have a wide-range of treatment program options that include inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, and gender-specific choices. All of these options promote a Christ-centered version of whole person health and help individuals maintain abstinence. With support and encouragement provided every single step of the way, Covenant Hills offers effective researched based approaches to curing you of your disease and bringing you closer to God.

    group of friends outdoorsIn addition to program options, individuals also have a wide range of locations they can choose from. Each location offers high quality care in one of the most scenic locations in the world. You have the opportunity to choose between San Diego and Orange County, California, or Boerne, Texas, just outside of San Antonio. These locations offer you a beautiful escape from your environment that fomented your drug seeking behavior.

    Only at Covenant Hills will you begin to restore your body, your mind, your faith in God and restore the whole you. This includes finding new activities you love to do, joining a faith-based community, and practicing self-soothing techniques with the most supportive staff in the world.

  • We believe that our most precious resource is our staff.
  • We are committed to a process of continuous improvement based on outcomes.
  • We believe in the value of diversity and cultural sensitivity with regards to our staff and those we serve.
  • We are committed to increasing community awareness about chemical dependency problems and solutions.
  • We believe in financial accountability as essential to our growth.

A Call Today Can Save Your Life

Covenant Hills knows that simply detoxifying your physical body from drugs is not enough to maintain lifelong sobriety. You will begin on a journey that will care to the needs of your mental, physical, and spiritual being and will be given the time needed to fully restore your soul from your addiction. Not only will you learn how to cultivate self-compassion, but you will also be among like-minded spiritual individuals who will support you for the rest of your life.


Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a Christian-based approach to helping anyone suffering from an addiction fully recover and live the life of their dreams. Their diverse program options, individually-designed quality care, highly trained professional staff, and prestigious accreditations meets the needs of all individuals. Covenant Hills is equipped in helping anyone struggling with an addiction restore their spiritual foundation by restoring their connection with God.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, call Covenant Hills treatment specialists today at (800) 662-2873 for a free and confidential assessment.