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How Faith-Based Treatment Heals PTSD

PTSD healing at a faith-based drug rehab empowers you to heal from trauma, overcome addiction and grow closer to God. Learn how Christian rehabs heal PTSD.

As someone who has experienced significant mental and/or physical trauma in their life, you understandably feel damaged, alone, afraid and deeply broken. Even if the traumatic event or period happened a while ago, you still carry a large load of emotional baggage.

While trauma can either be physical, psychological or both, its affects will vary greatly from individual to individual. Any way you look at it, PTSD is a complex, life-altering disorder. Individuals living with this unrest need sacred time and energy to heal their entire being.

Drugs, Alcohol and PTSD

When PTSD symptoms are not addressed and/or met with the right therapy, serious mental and behavioral problems can develop and lead to depression, alcohol or drug addiction. In the most severe cases, there can be thoughts of or attempts at suicide.

Perhaps you’ve considered using drugs or alcohol to drown out unwanted thoughts, dilute anxiety or to alleviate the pain. Maybe you already turned to these substances to give your mind a break after the incredible suffering you’ve endured.

We want you to know that you are not alone. You are not powerless over your thoughts and you do not have to feel shame or guilt for what happened. Most importantly, you do not have to use or abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to cope.

With the right support and God’s guidance, you can face your trauma head on and rid life of addiction and despair. You can feel alive and whole again.

PTSD Healing at a Faith-Based Drug Rehab

Why It Matters & Why Its Effective

Timely treatment for trauma is crucial. Without proper support and counseling, PTSD symptoms can become uncontrollable and completely take over an individual’s life. PTSD can cause an individual to quit or fall behind in school, damage friendships and relationships, lose jobs and abandon all healthy habits.

Trauma can become debilitating and make an individual feel like they’re a shell of the person they once were.

When PTSD fuels destructive behavior and detrimental thoughts, it’s exceedingly common for individuals to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. This problematic cycle easily results in addiction.

For any traumatic circumstance, it can be incredibly difficult to accept what happened. Furthermore, trauma has a very real way of forcing an individual to abandon their faith and connection with a higher power. When all roadblocks are taken into account, healing can seem impossible.

Through a faith-based drug rehab program, trauma, addiction and faith coalesce to provide life-changing treatment. Christian rehabs help individuals of all walks of life who are suffering from PTSD and addiction see the light and realize that there is a God who loves unconditionally. Faith-based drug rehab not only supports the road to detox and sobriety, but it also empowers a reconnection with God and helps individuals with PTSD heal in a sacred environment.

3 Ways Christian Rehabs Promote Healing from PTSD & Addiction

1. Acknowledge the reality and distinguish the source of the trauma.
With help from Christ-lead therapists and mentors, you will learn how to admit to yourself and to God that you have experienced deep, devastating pain and are suffering. With continued guidance from expert trained addiction and PTSD professionals, you will begin to explore your exact source of your pain, pinpoint what you are feeling, and discuss how the precise trauma you experienced has impacted your life.

2. Identify traumatic triggers and troublesome responses.
Because your trauma stays with you and flares up when certain physical touches, sounds, sights, smells, words or people present themselves, identifying what causes past pain to come back and haunt you is crucial. From there, being able to evaluate how PTSD triggers prompt negative thought patterns and dangerous behaviors can help you learn why you turn to drugs or alcohol. You will then be able to break the cycle.

3. Begin a more sacred self-discovery journey and renew a connection with a higher power.
The effects of trauma are multifaceted and can change you at your core. A faith-based drug rehab program will help you tap into your heart or soul to address every unsettled issue that lives inside you. By giving your mind, body and soul the attention and kindness they deserve, you can rediscover who you really are and feel comfortable opening yourself up to receiving God’s endless love and guidance.

World-Class Mental Health and Faith-Based Drug Rehab at Covenant Hills

The trauma you experienced and the addiction that may have entered your life has deeply affected your mind, body and spirit. Because of this, these vital pieces of your being must be given the support and nurturing they need to fully heal.

At Covenant Hills, we take a whole-person approach to drug and alcohol rehab and mental health disorders. We work with every aspect of you to ensure complete care and healing. This includes your psychological, emotional, physical, nutritional and spiritual needs.

Learn about our gender-specific, faith-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.