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faith and addiction treatment in rehab

Wondering how Christian rehab programs help you grow your faith in God? Learn how growing in your faith and quitting your addiction walk hand-in-hand.

It’s not easy to let go, surrender and believe again.

You wonder, “What did life even feel like before my addiction?”

After all the damage, hurt relationships, financial struggles and mental and emotional chaos you’ve endured, it can seem impossible to return to life before substance abuse.

Addictions are toxic and have such a stifling hold on an individual’s life that they can easily convince an addict they were meant for this deleterious existence. Addictions can single-handedly destroy an individual’s spirit and faith in all that is good and holy.

Without question, we understand that it’s not easy to let go of your addiction. With the right support and mentorship, you can believe again. You can get clean, remain sober and lead a thriving life that’s more sacred and meaningful than you ever knew.

Designed to do more than just help drug and alcohol addicts safely and successfully detox, Christian rehab programs deliver a non-denominational approach to addiction treatment. These programs help recovering addicts dismantle their substance abuse while simultaneously growing their faith in God.

If you’re ready to get clean and live your best life yet, discover how Christian rehab programs provide non-judgmental, life-changing guidance and meet every recovering addict right where they’re at in their spiritual journey.

Growing in Your Faith Through the 12-Steps

Created by and initially used for Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-Step Program quickly grew as one of the most effective and life-altering addiction treatment models. The twelve steps were designed to help addicts first admit they have a problem and are powerless over their addiction. The steps then help recovering addicts acknowledge that a higher power, one that is greater than themselves, can help them overcome addiction.

These first two steps are crucial and liberating. The remainder of the 12 steps guide recovering addicts through:

  • Turning over control to the higher power
  • Admitting to the higher power, themselves and another individual the wrongs done
  • Accepting help from the higher power to correct any shortcomings in their character
  • Asking the higher power to remove those shortcomings
  • Making a list of wrongs done to others and being willing to make amends for those wrongs
  • Contacting individuals who have been hurt, unless doing so would harm the individual
  • Continuing to self-monitor thoughts, actions and beliefs, and admitting when one is wrong
  • Pursuing understanding and connection with the higher power through prayer and meditation
  • Communicating the message of the 12-Steps to those in need

Remarked by countless recovering addicts, the 12-Step Program is some of the hardest, most necessary work addicts will do in their lives.

Every aspect of the 12-Steps revolves around Christian principles and is God-centered. If you choose to enter one of the top Christian rehab programs in the country, your days will be spent growing in your faith, working one-on-one with Christian mentors through pastoral counseling and therapy, and restoring your relationship with God.

The 12-Steps allow you to explore your soul and spirit, so you can truly start to heal and grow in a holistic, righteous way.

5 Ways Christian Rehab Programs Will Empower You to Grow in Faith

In addition to the 12-Step Program, most Christian rehab programs will encourage the following practices to help you deepen your faith.

1. Pray
When you open your heart and start a conversation with God, life will begin to change. Praying lets God know that although you can’t see him, you trust him. Although you don’t
understand why adversity, addiction or depression entered your life, you know that he will guide you through difficult days and lead you to clarity.

Through faith-based rehab, you will learn that praying does not have to be formal. When you are relaxed and unscripted, your discussions with God will be more fulfilling and personal.

2. Listen
As you begin to restore or build a brand-new relationship with God, it’s vital that you listen because he is always communicating with you. Faith-based rehab will teach you to pause throughout your day to just be still and listen to God.

Your relationship with him will grow strong through prayer and active listening because you will begin to feel his love, support and counsel like never before.

3. Express
As you begin to remove the toxic layers of addiction and grow as a whole person, you will undoubtedly begin to form newfound feelings that should be expressed.

Through faith-based rehab, you will learn that expressing your love for God, yourself and others is a major factor in your overall recovery. However, you will learn to feel most comfortable communicating your love to God, your loved ones, and yourself.

4. Study Scripture
Taking time to study and think about God’s words will help you learn about all of the promises he made and how those promises are abounding in your life. Additionally, reading the Bible can put a lot in perspective for you and help you set and remain committed to your goals and future.

5. Seek Fellowship
Addiction recovery is never best walked alone. When you seek the friendship of other recovering addicts, you will build a supportive, relatable community where individuals know exactly what you’re going through and share the same outlook and goals.

Faith-based rehab encourages positive fellowship because these advantageous relationships lead to an increased motivation to achieve life-long sobriety.

Growing Faith in God and Yourself at Covenant Hills

Committing to addiction rehab and forging a relationship with God may seem overwhelming and uncomfortable. At Covenant Hills, we understand this. That’s why there is never a requirement to be a Christian, attend church services or convert to Christianity to receive treatment in any of our Christian rehab programs.

It is our upmost mission to meet you where you are and walk with you every step of the way to your complete recovery.

Additionally, with our Recovery Assurance Guarantee, we promise that our clients will never experience relapse upon successful completion of treatment. If your loved one does relapse within one year of completing treatment, they can return for a week of stabilization and evaluation at no cost.

Learn about our gender-specific, faith-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.