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Prayer is vital in providing us with daily strength to face the troubles of life. Through prayer, a believer understands their true identity with Christ and has the courage to fight all their struggles through Christ. Drug addicts have doubts about their faith, and sometimes they turn away from God’s presence. The only way they can reconnect back to God is by communicating with Him through prayer.

If your loved ones are into drugs and you have tried all treatment options to no avail, we would recommend that you try prayers.

What You Should Pray for in Addicts Life?

The power of prayer can transform anyone’s life. To assist your loved one in finding physical and spiritual healing, here are some prayers that will guide you on how to pray for an addict.

  1. Pray for peace and acceptance.

The faith words from Philippians 4:13 say that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. All things include freeing your loved ones from their addictions through prayers.

First, you need to pray that your loved ones acknowledge their addiction and seek help. You cannot help a person who cannot recognize that their mistakes harm the people close to them.

You may also encourage the addict to draw strength by reciting prayers like Serenity Prayer written by Reinhold Niebuhr. The Serenity Prayer helps the addict accept their addiction problem and acknowledge that they cannot control everything. The prayer encourages us to depend on the power of God to do things that we cannot control.

We provide a comprehensive Christian treatment program at Covenant Hills that helps you to heal through the power of Christ. Please reach us right away to learn more about how we can help you.

  1. Pray for self-love

Do you know that self-love is an essential step in an addict’s journey to recovery? Whether you are praying for your child, friend, brother, sister, or spouse, you should pray that God fills their hearts with eternal love.

Pray that God will help them face their addiction with courage without any feeling of disgrace, loathing or regret. Additionally, pray that they will see themselves as a channel of hope to people struggling with addictions in the future.

  1. Pray for forgiveness

Prayer is the first place to start when seeking restoration and healing. Luke 11:4 says, “And pardon us our iniquities, as we also pardon everyone who depravities against us. And don’t lead us into temptation.'”

Pray that your loved ones will admit that they are sinners and ask for forgiveness for their sins. It takes faith to ask God to forgive our sins.

It is difficult to avoid falling back into addiction. As the addicts walk this tough road to rehabilitation, they must be willing to forgive themselves many times.

Remember also to pray that God will change their heart to love God rather than sin. Pray that the Lord will protect them from the temptation to go back to the addiction.

  1. Pray for strength to stay free from drugs.

Fighting the desire to use substances or alcohol daily is complex and requires God’s grace. Pray that God will guide your loved ones to maintain their sobriety.

It is normal to feel like going back to an addiction, but through God’s grace, your loved one will sail through the challenging journey.

At Covenant Hills, we encourage our patients to live a day at a time. Addicts looking for a Christian rehab center to walk them through the journey of healing and restoration should get in touch with us.

  1. Pray for spiritual support.

A robust support system is very crucial to those struggling to battle an addiction. Pray that your loved one obtains help from family, friends, and colleagues. According to 1st Corinthians 15:33, “bad company corrupts good morals,” and therefore, pray that God will protect your loved one from bad companies.

From the excerpt, Paul was warning Christians to beware of false teachers that can lead them astray from the teachings of Jesus. Similarly, addicts should stay away from people who can encourage them to go back to their life of addiction.

Also, remember to pray that the addict finds a strong accountability partner to help them navigate through it. Pray that the addict finds a community that they fellowship together to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from drugs. For example, a church community that believes in God is an excellent instrument for networking and fellowship.

  1. Pray to begin the healing journey.

Pray that the desire for freedom and healing overwhelms your loved one rather than the desire to abuse substances and drugs. Additionally, pray that the addict recognizes that God’s power is higher than their problems.

You should never get tired of praying for your loved ones, even if they lose faith in God. Pray that God will restore their dwindling faith in His power to heal and transform.

It would also be great if you printed out prayers for them to recite as they walk their journey to healing. The Recovery Prayer is an example of a good healing prayer written by Abby Willowroot.

Today, I heal my body, my mind, my spirit, my life. Drugs are a part of my past; they are not part of my life now; they are not part of my future. Today, I am clean. Today, I am clean and free.

Today, I am growing strong one second, one thought, one achievement at a time. I am teaching myself how to live in addition to being the best part of me today. Today, I am clean and free.

The words may seem simple but very strong spiritually, and daily recitation affirms their “now” freedom.

Mark 9:23 says that all things are possible to believers. Prayers work wonders and more so the prayers of a believer.

How to pray for an addict has no formula; the only fundamental requirement is faith. If you want your loved ones to transform and change, don’t get tired of praying for them. Always remember to pray by faith and in line with God’s Word.

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