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Trying to decide which treatment facility will best meet your needs and support you along your journey to recovery can be a difficult task. Your options may offer differing therapeutic interventions and modalities that can leave you confused and searching for direction.

Understanding the benefits of Christian-based recovery can aid in identifying whether this approach speaks to your soul and provides the guidance you need to complete the task of sustained substance abstinence.

Making the brave decision to get sober is a task unto itself; deciding upon the most appropriate treatment facility should not induce any unnecessary stress. That is why answering a few specific questions prior to embarking on your journey to sobriety can ensure that your time and efforts in treatment are not in vain.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Rehab Center for You

Deciding upon the right treatment center for you can boil down to three specific questions:

1. Which substance treatment does the facility specialize in?

Identifying which substances a treatment facility focuses on is a great indicator of whether or not they can safely and thoroughly address your addiction symptomatology.

For example, someone struggling with a cocaine addiction will require significantly different treatment interventions than a person quitting heroin or painkillers.

Researching which treatment interventions are offered by the facility can indicate if the center can adequately meet your treatment needs.

Options such as medical detox, residential inpatient therapy, day treatment, and transitional care are various treatment options offered by addiction treatment centers across the country. A facility that offers many or all of these clinical options is indicative of a high-quality treatment center that can appropriately address all manners of clinical distress throughout your addiction recovery.

2. What is the quality of their clinical staff?

In addition to identifying the clinical options available at potential treatment sites, it is imperative to make sure that the staff providing the clinical interventions within the facility you choose is fully licensed and credentialed within the state in which they are providing services.

Attaining and maintaining these specific licenses is an indicator of a highly trained staff who participate in routine clinical audits aimed at monitoring the implemented clinical interventions while holding to widely held clinical standards.

3. What is their overall approach to addiction treatment?

You know yourself better than anyone, so when deciding on a treatment facility that will meet your needs, you need to consider potential recovery environments.

  • Will you recover best in a serene environment?
  • Will you recover best at a facility that gives you ample time to re-focus and soul search?
  • Will you recover best at a facility that offers a sober, relatable community?
  • Will you recover best at a facility that delivers support and mentorship in growing or reestablishing your relationship with God?

It’s important to find a treatment facility that emanates a sense of new beginning, as that is exactly what addiction recovery is all about: Your new sober life.

How to Find the Right Rehab Center

After thinking about and thoroughly researching these first three questions, asking yourself additional key questions regarding your own individual treatment needs is the next step in the process of choosing a facility.

These questions will identify which level of clinical treatment you will need and the direction in which your recovery is taking you:

4. Which substance(s) are you struggling with?

In addition to acknowledging every substance you may need treatment for, you must be honest with yourself about any potential co-occurring mental health disorders you could be contending with.

A co-occurring disorder is present when you live with both an addiction and a mental health diagnosis – like anxiety, depression and other disorders.

If you know or think you live with a co-occurring mental health disorder, it’s imperative that you find a facility that specializes in co-occurring addiction treatment.

5. What are your current social obligations?

You must address your personal responsibilities in order to maintain focus in therapy. Committing to a residential treatment facility without dealing with your employment duties or familial obligations is a recipe for therapeutic disaster.

Outside distractions will consume your attention and prohibit you from truly progressing within any therapeutic environment. Understanding your social obligations prior to entering any treatment program will enable you to focus on what truly matters: your sobriety.

6. What is your current social support network?

It is imperative to honestly evaluate your current social support network prior to entering treatment to begin eliminating negative influences and establishing improved sober supports. This allows you to distance yourself from maladaptive peers who may trigger your substance use or encourage you to engage in addictive behaviors.

Additionally, it begins the process of removing harmful influences from your life, so that the progress you make in therapy can remain long after the program concludes.

Why a Christian-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program

Choosing a Christian-based rehabilitation program delivers an abundance of benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is it ensures that you will never be alone on your recovery journey.

God has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you, no matter how bad times may seem. When you feel defeated, He will defend you. When you feel hopeless, He will guide your path. When you feel as if you cannot carry on, He will support you and provide you the strength to continue.

At Covenant Hills, the clinical support and individual attention you will receive is second to none. Our highly trained staff is ready and able to support you through any obstacle that may stand in your way. While it is your faith that has started you on your journey to recovery, it is our clinical knowledge and spiritual guidance that can ensure you achieve long-term sobriety and sustained personal success.

In addition to our renowned Christian-based methods, Covenant Hills is distinguished for our co-occurring addiction treatment and gender-specific approach.

Life-Changing, Christian-Based Addiction Treatment at Covenant Hills

Your body, soul and spirit need critical attention and care during addiction treatment. It is our mission at Covenant Hills to return you to the clean, healthy, happy and productive person God designed you to be.

Through our Christian-based addiction treatment programs delivered at our beautiful, tranquil, resort-like facility, your whole person health is our focus, and your realization of the special person God created you to be is our passion.

Learn about our gender-specific, Christian-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.