The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that men and women require different prevention and treatment approaches. Since our staff strives to stay abreast of the latest addiction therapy techniques, we offer treatments based on gender specification. Our gender specific treatments underline the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that can impact an individual’s drug abuse.

As men and women have different outlooks, our gender specific treatment is designed on the lines of their individual experiences, including health and relationships. We develop different programs to address their respective issues and approach them with a unique strategy. For example, men generally get support for seeking treatment while women are discouraged to do so (usually by family members) due to guilt, shame and anxiety. Also women tend to exhibit lower levels of self-esteem and higher levels of depression than men. Therefore, our women’s program helps women identify and build on their strengths rather than their deficits. The men’s program focuses on issues unique to their needs.

We believe that it is equally important to separate the sexes, so we are gender-separate as well as gender-specific, in that we provide completely separate living and treatment environments for men and women. The gender-separate approach prevents, among other things, inappropriate behavior between the sexes that is inherent in coed treatment settings. It also provides the feeling of a safer environment to share issues and concerns without the male-female dynamics that permeate coed treatment programs.

We are dedicated to helping male and female clients of any age from anywhere in the United States overcome their addictions. Please call us to learn more about our gender specific drug and alcohol abuse treatment options. To learn more about the advantages of gender-specific and gender-separate approach to treatment or to enroll in one of our treatment programs, call our nationwide drug & alcohol abuse help line at 877-411-9045 and talk to one of our experienced counselors.