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You think about getting clean all the time. You think back on your life before addiction crept in, before the heroin use started. It all seems so surreal. You wonder, “How did this happen? How did I let this happen?”

Heroin never holds back. It takes complete control of your life as fast as it can. Any thought of getting help and detoxing from heroin leaves you feeling paralyzed, ridden with fear, utterly hopeless.

We know how serious and complex heroin addiction is. We understand exactly what you’re going through day in and day out. We want you to know that your desire to get sober and rebuild an addiction-free life is more than possible, for there is always hope. Always.

We help addicts of all kinds find the light and leave every ounce of their addiction behind them. While it’s never easy, it’s definitely possible with the right support, medical attention and – most importantly – God’s guidance.

Through a faith-based heroin addiction rehab program, you’ll receive expert support, 24-hour medical attention and Christ-centered therapy and counseling that can exceed all expectations. Let us walk you through five benefits of faith-based treatment for heroin addiction:

5 Benefits of Faith-Based Heroin Addiction Rehab

1. Work one-on-one with Christian mentors.

The detoxification process is difficult, exhausting and often times ruthless. Since this is the first step once you begin heroin treatment, the expert, experienced support and mentorship you receive can help get you through your darkest hour.

As you step away from your addiction and enter the road to recovery, you will work with medical doctors and nurses, psychologists and licensed counselors, nutritionists and even ordained clergy. You will undoubtedly connect with each individual in a different way, but in a faith-based heroin addiction rehab program, everyone on your support team is also a mentor on a mission to serve Christ by serving you. Everyone is ready and willing to help you get back to the person you know is still inside you.

2. Restore your relationship with God.

Arguably the most powerful and life-changing event that unfolds during a faith-based heroin addiction rehab program is one’s resurrected relationship with Him. Regardless of how ashamed or undeserving you feel, God’s abiding love for you is endless and all-encompassing.

A faith-based rehabilitation and recovery process empowers you to reconnect, or connect for the first time, with God and begin to communicate with Him on a deep, enduring level. For most recovering addicts, this newfound relationship has made all the difference in successfully completing treatment and remaining sober long after rehab. Read our post on the five ways you can restore your relationship with God during addiction treatment.

3. Understand your past and forge your future through God’s eyes.

As you slowly begin to walk hand-in-hand with Him, you will start to see your life – past, present and future – through a new lens. You will surely question almost everything, but if you truly listen, God will give you all the insight you’re looking for.

The aura found in a faith-based treatment program provides recovering addicts a tranquil environment to look inward, soul search and find the clarity they’ve long been searching for.

4. Realize your potential and your infinite strength.

Addiction clouds your outlook, judgement and rational. It can make you lose sight of who you are and the goals you have for your life. When you are immersed in a treatment program what helps you eradicate negativity, dependence, temptation and other detriments to your well-being, you will begin to comprehend the person God made you to be and the endless opportunities in your life that are ripe for the taking.

5. Begin to love yourself again.

A life without self-love and self-care can create an abundance of serious, life-altering issues, such as depression and addiction. A faith-based process will help correct this, as you will learn to let go, wholeheartedly forgive yourself and declare a deep love for yourself – a love that’s rooted in absolute gratitude, humility and thankfulness for the many blessings in your life.

Faith-Based Heroin Rehab Treatment at Covenant Hills

Your body, soul and spirit need critical attention and care during addiction treatment. It is our mission at Covenant Hills to return you to the clean, healthy, happy and productive person God designed you to be. Through our faith-based heroin treatment program, your whole person health is our focus, and your realization of the special person God created you to be is our passion. Learn more about our Christ-focused addiction treatment, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.