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When you think of a drug addict, what image comes to mind? Maybe criminals or someone from the “wrong side of tracks” who had a terrible upbringing. What you probably don’t picture is a church-going, devout person who has their life together.

But the truth is, painkiller addiction doesn’t care how old you are, where you’re from or what you do for a living. In fact, 2 million Americans suffered from painkiller addiction in 2016, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. And many of these people weren’t your stereotypical drug addicts.

If you or a loved one became dependent on opioids after receiving a painkiller prescription, you may be wondering, “Why me?” or “I’m a good person who believes in God, how could this happen to me?”

Painkiller addiction, especially for a devout individual, can shake your faith to its core and make you question God’s love for you. Luckily, Christian treatment is designed to help you overcome these struggles. Here are 5 ways Christian treatment can help you defeat your painkiller addiction and make your faith stronger than ever.

1. Faith-Based Rehab Helps You Overcome Guilt and Shame

You were prescribed painkillers to cope with pain from an injury or surgery. You never meant to become dependent on them. Because of this, you may feel that you weren’t strong enough to prevent this and that you let God and your religious community down. Christian-based treatment focuses on helping you realize that you haven’t let God down and your painkiller addiction isn’t a moral failure. With this treatment, you’ll learn faith-based techniques to help you let go of those negative feelings and realize addiction isn’t your fault.

2. Faith-Based Rehab is Rooted in God’s Love

Christian painkiller addiction treatment programs are rooted in the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This faith-based treatment not only works to heal your mind and body, but also to heal your spirit through scripture and Bible verses. The ultimate goal is to replace your craving for painkillers with a renewed sense of faith and trust in God.

3. Faith-Based Treatment Helps You Rebuild Relationships

It’s easy to isolate yourself during addiction, believing others will judge you and won’t understand what you’re going through. Christian-based treatment helps you rebuild the support system you may have temporarily lost during your struggle with painkillers. This includes restoring your relationships with your religious community, God and even yourself. Faith-based treatment helps you forgive yourself and be open to God’s unconditional love once again to ease your recovery.

4. You’ll be Surrounded by People with the Same Faith as You

Addiction is never something you have to go through alone. At a Christian-based treatment center, you’ll be surrounded by people who are going through similar struggles and have the same religious values and beliefs. Making connections with others who believe in God and struggle with painkiller addiction will show that you’re not alone and encourage you to fight even harder to overcome the disease.

5. Christian Drug Rehab Restores Your Hope

Christian-based treatment centers know that faith empowers recovery, which is why these programs emphasize things like self-respect, unconditional love and forgiveness. By restoring your faith, these treatment programs help spark new hope in your future and recovery. When you have hope and can look forward to what lies ahead again, you’ll be more motivated to break free from painkiller addiction.

Covenant Hills is Here to Help You Defeat Substance Addiction

At Covenant Hills, our staff follows Christ’s example and strives to provide the same love, understanding and compassion he did. At our core, our mission is to serve Christ by helping you overcome your painkiller addiction with our Christian Treatment Program. Contact us or call us directly at (800) 662-2873 for a free and confidential assessment and to learn why our Christian treatment is right for you.