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Group of six friends having fun outsideRecovering from addiction is a very difficult process, but it can also be a productive and meaningful journey if treated by one of the few best addiction rehab facilities. With a multitude of treatment options, it is essential to find the perfect rehab facility that fits all of the needs of you or someone you love. When choosing the best addiction rehab facility, it is vital to understand that it must have all of the essential criteria to ensure a successful recovery.

Finding quality care will help aid individuals struggling with addiction to re-establish meaning and purpose back into their lives to become a healthy human being again.

Key characteristics of the best addiction rehab facilities

  1. Program options. The best rehab facilities offer a wide-variety of treatment options that meet the needs of all individuals. It is essential to choose a rehab facility that offers a multitude of options because it will ensure that a “whole-bodied” approach is a core focus of the care center. Options such as gender-specific programs and a program that instills a faith-based approach provides patients with a well-rounded and meaningful experience in recovering from their addiction.

Addiction rehab facilities that have programs that offer a variety of options such as residential inpatient treatment care, individual, group, and family therapy sessions, as well as an aftercare program help the individual recover from any type of addiction. These step by step programs ensure that the individual is cared for and supported through every difficult moment.

2. Individually-designed care. One of the most important aspects of choosing the best addiction rehab facility is making sure that the center provides an individually-designed program that provides support every single step of the way. This type of care provides individual therapy sessions and tailors the program to meet the needs of the individual’s specific addiction.

With an individually-designed program, the professionally trained staff is dedicated to finding specific coping mechanisms to help patients cultivate self-compassion and find their purpose in life. Coping mechanisms such as exercising, self-soothing techniques, and productive activities are individually designed to help individuals with their specific recovery journey.

3. High-quality professionals. Highly trained professionals are the truest testament to the best addiction rehab facility. A professionally trained staff includes counselors, therapists, and pastors that are certified and trained to restore the spirit of any individual suffering from an addiction. The best staffs also have medical doctors, registered nurses, dietitians, psychologists, and other professionals. Highly trained professionals offer a wide variety of individual, group, family, and pastoral counseling sessions that help individuals productively cope during difficult or painful moments.

High-quality professionals establish a community of support and expertise for any individual recovering from an addiction. They empathize with every individual’s journey and create a personalized recovery plan to help patients overcome addiction and avoid a relapse. The professionals working in the outpatient, day treatment, and aftercare program options are tailored to every individual’s specific addiction and ensures success beyond an inpatient program.

4. Accreditations and affiliations. An addiction rehab facility that is highly accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a testament to the facility’s successful mental health rehabilitation services. CARF enacts strict guidelines and procedures for gaining accreditation for mental health services. Additionally, looking for a rehab facility that is accredited by The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) ensures that all patients are treated with the highest quality care to live a healthy life.

Additional affiliations with the Amen Clinic and being a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors help to support a dedicated staff that is best able to walk the spiritual journey alongside the individual struggling with an addiction. Facilities with these spiritual affiliations are equipped in helping patients cultivate self-compassion and understand that there is a greater spiritual purpose in their lives beyond their addiction.

Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a Christian-based approach to helping anyone suffering from an addiction fully recover and live the life of their dreams. Their diverse program options, individually-designed quality care, highly trained professional staff, and prestigious accreditations meets the needs of all individuals. Covenant Hills is equipped in helping anyone struggling with an addiction restore their spiritual foundation by restoring their connection with God.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, call Covenant Hills treatment specialists today at 800.662.2873 for a free and confidential assessment.