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Woman Choosing Vegetables From ShopIt is not enough to cure the physical body from addiction. Healing the mind and the spirit at the same time ensure a complete recovery experience. Covenant Hills Treatment in Orange County, California, and San Antonio, Texas, offers both Christian and Traditional 12-step programs to help restore the mind, body, and spirit of anyone suffering from chemical dependence.

A whole body approach to treatment concentrates on methods to help the individual behave, think, and feel free from chemical dependence. It helps individuals restore their spiritual foundation and engage in activities that offer a renewed sense of worth and understanding about their journey.


A whole body approach to drug rehab treatment will help the individual understand their mental dependence on the substance. Addiction is considered a mental illness in which it influences physiological components in the brain that lead to impulsive thinking and destructive behaviors. Individual, group, family, and pastoral therapy sessions will aid individuals to concentrate on ways of improving their quality of life by focusing on the present moment and establishing personalized coping mechanisms to improve self-thought.

A whole body approach to drug rehab treatment focuses on activities that restore the individual’s thoughts with an honest and authentic approach to themselves and others. Engaging in activities such as mindfulness meditation and spiritual therapy replenish the mind of destructive thoughts. Mindfulness meditation and spiritual therapy also encourage a growth mindset in which the individual focuses on the present moment and establishes a foundation of spirituality, community, and acceptance.


Cleansing the mind of unwanted thoughts about addiction is only the first step in truly helping individuals recover from their addiction. Engaging in activities such as exercise, cardio, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, and tai-chi encourage the body to fight off chemical dependence and focus on activities that empower the individual’s physical health and wholeness..

When individuals get involved in activities they enjoy, they begin the healing process and restore their body back to its rightful, healthy state. Exercising also helps individuals be a part of a community of people who are going through similar experiences and who want to improve their overall quality of health. Focusing on the body not only leads to greater mental thoughts, it also leads to a positive support system.


Restoring faith in God and creating a community of peace and understanding through individual, group, and pastoral therapy sessions help individuals reinvigorate their spirit. Establishing a solid faith replenishes the mind and body of untrue thoughts and hurtful behaviors and makes individuals feel a greater connection to God and to their community. Covenant Hills, for example, offers a 12-step Christian based program in which restoring the spirit of every individual is a primary focus of the counselors, therapists, and pastors.

Counselors, therapists, and pastors are professionally trained to work individually with the patient to understand the roots of their chemical dependence and help them overcome their addiction. They work with every patient to establish a greater connection with God and with themselves. Inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs are intended to ensure that the individual is taken care of every step of the way. Creating a whole body approach in every step of recovery is essential in helping every individual recover from their addiction and live a meaningful life again.

Whole Body Approach Techniques

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Music Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Art Therapy
  • Tai-Chi
  • Spiritual Therapy
  • Cross-fit exercise program
  • Nutrition plans
  • Massage Therapy

At Covenant Hills, the professionally trained staff know that to truly rid one’s self of chemical dependence, they must restore their  mind, body, and spirits to fully recover from their addiction. A whole person approach is their primary focus for every individual suffering from an addiction. The staff tailors every program to the individual needs of the client and provides high-quality care. Ultimately, restoring the mind, body, and spirit empowers the client to fully recover from addiction and avoid a relapse.Call today at (800) 662-2873 to speak with a treatment specialist.