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Dear Friends, Stakeholders and Partners,

Twenty-three years ago we, the co-founders of Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc., made a promise to God that we would help every individual that called us for help, regardless of whether or not they entered one of our treatment programs. In turn, we asked for His blessings on our company. Embedded within this covenant was an understanding that every individual deserved the greatest opportunity to gain sobriety and should be treated with equal dignity and respect. And now, for over two decades and with God’s blessing, we have, to the best of our ability, honored our part in this covenant by helping hundreds of thousands of individuals find the necessary resources needed to begin their journey for healing. And, we have successfully treated thousands of clients in our Christ-centered, 12 Step substance abuse treatment programs.

Now, to clearly reflect who we are and to prepare for the future, we have decided to make a bold change. While the name Pacific Hills spoke true to our program location on the west coast, the name did not fully incorporate the values rooted in our original purpose or prepare us for growth into other areas of the country. Therefore, as of October 1, 2014, we are pleased to announce the adoption of the name of our central United States program of Covenant Hills Treatment Centers for all of our facilities. As many of you know, with a change in name comes an opportunity to build our brand and develop new relationships within our industry. We look forward to announcing upcoming changes within the Company and appreciate the ongoing support from our friends and partners. Most importantly, we thank God for His strength and guidance as we commit to continue serving Him in our ministry to those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.


Richard E. Jackson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Covenant Hills Treatment Centers

Kirby M. Dean
Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Covenant Hills Treatment Centers