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The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

Handsome casual man thinking and lookingAt Covenant Hills, we are frequently asked to explain the difference between hemp and marijuana. Many people associate the word ‘hemp’ with marijuana and are confused to see consumer products labeled with ‘hemp’ in grocery stores. Understanding the difference between […]

4 Keys to Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction

Covenant HIlls Summer Scholarship OfferMillions of Americans struggle with overcoming prescription drug addiction every day. Life can be especially challenging at times and many individuals turn to prescription drugs to cope. If you are struggling with prescription drug addiction, it is important to note that you […]

Key Components of DBT

girl in high grass on a sunny day.Addiction steals the mind, body, and soul from individuals and inhibits them from reaching their full potential. For individuals suffering from addiction, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is used to give recovering addicts the tools needed to remove their negative […]

Dangers of Taking Xanax and Adderall Together

Mother holding young daughter in her armsWhen individuals take Xanax and Adderall together, it can be extremely harmful to their health and can ultimately cause damage to the central nervous system. Both of these prescribed medications have addictive properties and, if abused or taken for prolonged […]

The importance of Detox prior to Drug Rehab Treatment

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering From AddictionFor individuals suffering from drug addiction, making the paramount decision to go to a drug rehab treatment center is a powerful step towards a full recovery. Addiction is a disease that makes people physically, emotionally, and mentally dependent on […]

Three Lies a Heroin Addict Believes

Heroin addiction is at epidemic level across the United States, wreaking havoc on individuals, families and communities. It’s one of the most popular drugs on the black market, with most heroin coming to the US from South America and Southeast Asia. Heroin isn’t just popular, it’s also highly addictive.

Made from morphine, a naturally-occurring substance found […]

What to Expect During Drug and Alcohol Detox

A worried and afraid young woman sitting on the floorYou have committed to fully recovering from your addiction and have made the decision to live a healthy life again in mind, body and spirit. Quitting a highly addictive substance, such as drugs or alcohol, can be […]

Characteristics of a Drug User. Do You Know The Signs?

serious woman in a coatDo you think you might know someone who is suffering from drug addiction? You may find it difficult to confront someone you love about their drug use. Yet for many people suffering with drug addiction, they often feel alone and neglected and […]

How Does Your Environment Affect Your Chances of Drug Addiction?

Father and son sitting on couch and having funny talkThe debate surrounding nature versus nurture is ongoing, especially for individuals suffering from drug addiction. Are you a product of your genetics or are you a product of your environment?

For individuals suffering from drug addiction, environmental factors […]

Gateway Drugs: Express Lane to Serious Addiction

Father taking to teeenagerGateway drugs is a phrase that typically refers to substances that lead to more addictive and harmful drugs. Gateway drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana may seem like potentially harmless substances, but in fact, often lead to a pathway towards serious addiction.

Addiction […]

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