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You are not your addiction. Separating your identity and whole self from the disease is an important aspect in recovering from drug addiction. Drug addiction recovery is a long and difficult process. It will be filled with a multitude of successes but it will also be filled with a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional pain in the absence of the drug. By committing to a drug treatment program, you will learn how to cope with the pain until you are fully healed from your previous distress and feelings of self doubt.

Understanding the first 3 things to do if you want to recover from drug addiction is essential in achieving a happier and healthier life in the absence of the drug.

1. Accept your addiction and forgive yourself.

Accepting that you have a substance use disorder is the first step in taking responsibility for your actions and restoring your self confidence. By admitting and accepting that you need help, you will be able to commit to treating yourself with kindness throughout the drug recovery process. Accepting your drug addiction and having honest and open conversations with your loved ones is the first step in making the decision to fully recover from your addiction.

Your family and friends love and support you. By being honest about your struggling moments and admitting that drug addiction has taken over many parts of your life, they will be able to provide the love and support needed for full recovery. You cannot recover from drug addiction alone, you need help from a highly-trained professional team and from your loved ones to support you every step of the way.

Forgive yourself, life is hard and there are many reasons why you have chosen to cope with drugs. You are not your addiction. Forgiving yourself and allowing yourself the time to move on will ensure that you can pour your entire self into a drug treatment program that emphasizes on healing the whole-person.

2. Find a treatment center that is right for you.

After you have accepted your addiction habits, forgiven yourself, and talked with loved ones, the next thing you must do is choose a drug addiction treatment center that is right for you. Finding a treatment center that emphasizes in high-quality whole-person care, has a faith-based track to treatment, comprehensive program options, and a world-class team can be the determining factor in lifelong sobriety.

By doing your research and understanding your options, you will learn that the only way to recover from drug addiction is through a treatment center that focuses on healing the entire mind, body, and soul and that creates an individualized treatment plan that fits your personal and professional goals. Now is the time to choose a treatment center that gives you the care and support that you deserve.

3. Take immediate action.

When it comes to recovering from drug addiction, immediate action is key. Once you have spoken with family, friends, and your employer, you must take action towards getting help. Seeking immediate treatment is essential because the longer you wait to be healed, the more you will become psychologically and physically dependent on the drug. By seeking treatment immediately, your withdrawal symptoms may be less severe and you can immediately practice self-soothing techniques that help you avoid a relapse. By taking action and cultivating self-compassion during the recovery process, you will get back to your life with a renewed perspective on how to deal with life’s difficult moments.

Contact your chosen treatment center right away for a free consultation and take the steps needed in your personal and professional life to make a decision about what treatment program is right for you. You deserve the life of your dreams. Do not delay, by calling today, you can finally understand your addiction and take action towards preventing a relapse for the rest of your life. You deserve a treatment team that cares about you and empathizes with your journey.

At Covenant Hills, you will uncover the healthy and happy person you were meant to be and will save your mind, body, and soul for the rest of your life.

Covenant Hills Is Here To Help

Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a faith-based approach to helping anyone recover from their addiction. Our professionally trained staff include ordained pastors, dietitians, doctors and counselors to provide you with the spiritual support you need to fully recover from addiction. The shared humanity you will feel along with an in-depth recovery program will empower you to become the whole-bodied and spiritual human being you are meant to be.

Do you need help, or is a loved one struggling with addiction? Please call us today at 800.662.2873. This is a free, confidential call and assessment.