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Drug abuse

Depressed Teens May Prevent Future Drug Abuse with Prozac

Researches say that young people who use Prozac for the treatment of depression are considerably less expected to abuse drugs in the future. But the medicines and prescriptions did not lessen the chances of alcohol abuse.

It has been found that out of the 192 teenagers whose depression retreated after 12 weeks of Prozac treatment, only 10% abused drugs in future and only 25% of the teenagers who did not even respond to Prozac treatment abused drugs in the future.
The study was conducted from 2000 to 2003 and was led by Dr. John March, chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center. According to the study, the team followed nearly half of the 439 participants from the “Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study” (TADS). It shows that the patients were between 17 to 23 years of age and had no prior problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

In the “Onset of Alcohol or Substance Use Disorders Following Treatment for Adolescent Depression” (2004-2005), 76% of drug addicts used marijuana revealed by the researchers. Rest other participates take other drugs such as hallucinogens, cocaine and opiates.

There are some common symptoms found amongst drug addicts who come for treatment. These symptoms comprise of worthlessness, depressed mood, poor concentration, suicidal thoughts, loss of sleep or energy, loss of interest and disruptions in appetite.

Teens who are turning into drug addicts should be taken to a drug rehab center. They should be given the required medications, therapies, education, care and attention to keep their mind away from drugs. The right drug recovery treatment in a rehab center may play a vital role in keeping the teens away from various harmful substances causing addiction.