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Woman PrayingThe power of faith in drug and alcohol treatment is a foundational piece for many in fully recovering from chemical dependence. Faith helps you cleanse your mind, body, and spirit of all abuses, guilt and doubt and helps you establish a greater purpose in your life. Faith allows you to be happier and healthier because the power of faith connects you to other people who go through similar experiences. Faith instills a sense of who God says you are and appreciation of all people and things through the God’s Word and Grace.

God forgives you and wants you to reestablish meaning and purpose into your life. Following His Word and growing in grace and forgiveness, helps you fully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The power of faith reminds you of what is truly important in life and helps you learn from every obstacle that may stand in your way.

How the power of faith helps you recover during drug and alcohol treatment

Establishes new perspectives. The power of faith in addiction recovery encourages you to take notice of all the important things in your life that you may have forgotten. When you focus the power of faith, you are reminded of the meaning of life and it encourages you to refocus your perspective on family, friends, and God. You instill a sense of appreciation for the people who support you and you also take more action to be there for your loved ones.

The power of faith in drug and alcohol treatment helps you open up to new possibilities learned through individual, group, and pastoral counseling sessions and use them in your daily life. You learn how to refocus your thoughts and behaviors on more productive activities; this leads you to become a healthy individual again. Connecting with God will help you live a life outside of self and care about the well-being of others. This new perspective will make you more resilient in battling against a relapse.

Restores meaning and purpose. Having the power of faith during your drug and alcohol treatment will help you re-establish meaning and purpose into your life. God wants to cleanse you from your illness so that you can be a whole bodied human being again.

Having a strong faith will bring you closer to the people in your life, family and friends, who were there for you throughout your recovery process. You will discover your identity beyond the label of your addiction and move on to create a productive and meaningful life at home, work, and in your relationships. Faith makes you grounded and reminds you of the importance of living a life outside of self and help others in every opportunity you have.

Creates community and connection. The power of faith not only helps you refocus your thoughts and behaviors, it also connects you to a larger community of people with similar experiences. Faith allows you to meet people who share an understanding that God will heal and forgive you of all wrongdoings. You will be surrounded by a new social support group to get you through difficult moments in your life.

The power of faith restores your sense of belonging and makes you feel loved and cared for by the community of God. There is no fear or judgement within the community of Christ. You become resilient to all of the stressors in your environments that used to elicit destructive responses and you will react in positive and humble ways. Connecting to the spiritual community create a backbone for you during painful moments and will restore your mind, body, and spirit to continue on your journey and avoid a relapse.

Renews joy and happiness. Instilling your trust in God reduces feelings of stress and anxiety and restores your sense of love and happiness. It allows your soul to be free of addiction and painful moments because you are constantly surrounded by a community filled with love and support. Your decisions become more positive and productive because you are able to truly think about how your actions will affect yourself and the people you love.

You will also find joy and happiness in your day to day life because faith provides you with an enlightened perspective about the purpose of life. Faith empowers you to become an honest person every day and encourages you to incorporate healthy activities you love to do in your life. Finding joy in going to church, reading the bible, or praying will replenish your connection to God and help you remain on the path of sobriety.

God is forgiving and wants you to become a fully healthy person again. Choosing a treatment center that emphasizes a Christian based approach to recovery may be the right solution for you, and indeed essential for you to fully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Restoring the power of faith back into your life can help you create a community of love and support, helping you overcome your addiction and provide meaning in your life again.