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Young woman looking into the cameraThe journey towards fully recovering from addiction is a very personal experience that must be aided and enhanced with a strong network of support. It is important to know that even though you have experienced individual suffering from your addiction and the difficult moments in your life, you are not alone. By choosing a treatment program that is tailored to the needs of your gender, you will feel a sense of belongingness and acceptance every step of the treatment process.

Understanding your options and the benefits of gender specific programs will help you to make an informed decision that can lead to lifelong sobriety.

The differential impact of addiction on men and women

There are several differences in the causes and addiction experiences between men and women that validate the benefits of gender specific programs. Research[1] shows that women develop substance use disorders at slower rates than men do. Due to the physiological differences between genders, men and women are adversely impacted by drugs and alcohol. For example, stimulants, opioids, prescription and over-the-counter drugs have shown to have negative effects particularly on a woman’s menstrual cycle, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, and neuromuscular systems.[2]

Additionally, men consume more alcohol than women do but women show substance related problems at faster rates than men.[3] These problems can include the higher prevalence of a co-occurring disorder such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety. For this reason, gender specific programs seek to empower you to build up your confidence and self-concept by engaging in group therapy sessions and learning self-soothing techniques that meet your specific diagnosis.

Women seeking treatment for substance use disorders also experience a wide range of barriers that include economic, transportation, and child-rearing responsibilities at higher rates than men.[4] The process towards recovery can prove to be especially difficult for some women because they must find a treatment center that tailors to the needs of pregnant women or who has differentiated program options to meet the needs of home, work, and familial responsibilities.

The research noted above show that “pregnancy itself can be a barrier to treatment because substance abuse treatment programs are not always able to admit pregnant women or to provide the services required, such as medically indicated bed rest, transportation to prenatal care, and nutritious meals.” With these limitations and other barriers including co-occurring disorders while pregnant, it is absolutely vital to choose a treatment center that emphasizes whole-person care for every individual’s experience.

Benefits of gender specific programs

Tailored to your individual needs. Whether you have experienced a traumatic event, struggle with relationships, cannot maintain a stable job, or have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety, gender specific programs are individualized to meet your personal needs. Highly trained therapists and counselors create an individualized treatment plan that works to enhance your personal and professional goals.


Choosing a treatment center with highly trained professionals and differentiated program options offers both men and women the opportunity to receive the highest quality care.

Creates a shared community. Gender specific drug treatment programs create a shared humanity among individuals who are going through similar experiences. Since you will be with your same gender, there is a sense of comradery and community that is already established within the the same gender program. Programs that focus on a spiritually-based approach already helps both men and women connect to a power that is larger than themselves. This connection immediately creates a community with like-minded people both inside the treatment program and when you are integrated back into your daily life.


With gender specific programs, you will be able to manage your withdrawal symptoms and relieve stress and anxiousness by getting involved in a multitude of group activities. These activities include group exercise classes, group therapy sessions, and spiritual events. Group centered activities will help you to build your resilience, confidence, and will allow you to cultivate self-compassion.

Establishes a sense of comfort. Gender specific programs, especially ones that are spiritually based, will help you to feel at home and comfortable in your own skin. With gender specific programs, you are not trying to impress anyone else in the program. It becomes a space for you to truly find out who you are and to build upon your strengths.


With the help of your counselor, you will have the opportunity to practice coping mechanisms that work best for you, create personal and professional goals, and devise an individualized plan to remain sober when integrated back into your daily life.

Promotes an opportunity for personal change. Gender specific programs allow individuals to focus on the personal and professional goals without unnecessary distractions. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse[5], women who were in “gender-sensitive programs are more likely to be employed 12 months after treatment admission than women in more traditional treatment programs.”


Not only will gender specific programs help both men and women reach their personal and professional goals, but it will also help you to find your purpose in life. By connecting to the spiritual community and establishing faith in God, you will instill meaning back into your life and this transformative process will help you to avoid a relapse.

Choose a gender specific program that is right for you

At Covenant Hills, you have access to the best clinicians in the world that are certified to meet the needs of both men and women and their differential experiences. Their medical team, pastors, therapists, and counselors are equipped and highly trained to meet the needs of your specific journey. The gender specific program at Covenant Hills emphasizes personal, professional, and spiritual growth and provides you with a network of support through each process of the addiction treatment program.

At Covenant Hills, you have a wide-range of treatment program options that include inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare choices. All of these options promote a Christ-centered version of whole person health and help individuals maintain abstinence. With support and encouragement provided every single step of the way, Covenant Hills offers effective researched based approaches to curing you of your disease and bringing you closer to God. Call (800) 662-2873 today to speak with an addiction treatment specialist. It is a free, confidential call.