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Happy Group Of PeopleWith a brand new year, you have been given a fresh start to make more strides on the path towards lifetime addiction recovery. You should be extremely proud of yourself for overcoming addiction and this should motivate you to continue with the healthy lifestyle you have created. Although you may experience difficult moments on some occasions, it is important to remember the initial reasons why you wanted to seek addiction recovery. Be confident in your abilities to maintain sobriety and follow these 5 helpful tips to encourage you every step of the way:


  • Stick to your plan.- You dedicated yourself to an addiction treatment recovery program because you made the life-changing decision to live a healthy life. Now is the time for you to remember why you wanted to become sober and stick to your plan. Find a renewed connection with the family and friends who have supported you and continue to reach out to them when you are struggling.


It is extremely important that you also continue to participate in your individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions promote constant support and a chance for you to release unwanted stress or negative thoughts. Taking part in this shared human experience not only is significant in your recovery but it also keeps you connected with God on a spiritual basis.


  • Participate in life.- Become the person you are meant to be and be active in life. Enjoy life’s moments by finding new things that bring you joy. Go to the gym, create new friendships, begin a new class, travel, or read a good book. Start checking things off of your bucket list and live the life you are meant to live.


When you live fully, you find joy in the simplest moments and find faith in people all around you. Do not be afraid to jump into something new because it is a chance for you to gain new perspectives and to become a more well-rounded child of God. Meeting new people, joining a fitness class, experiencing other cultures, or volunteering in your own community will help you to stay grounded and enjoy all of the wonderful things life has to offer.


  • Use difficult moments to motivate you.- Whether it is a range of self-soothing techniques or attending weekly Church services, continue to use the coping strategies learned in the 12-step treatment program to maintain your recovery. Do not be afraid to call your therapist or a supportive friend in a difficult moment. This can be beneficial in providing you with alternative ways to overcome a stressful situation.


Use moments of difficulty to motivate you to seek personal growth. When you are faced with moments of adversity, respond by replacing social and environmental stressors with activities you enjoy. Be mindful of the present and accept the moments of struggle and the moments of success. Remember, you are never alone in your recovery process and God will always lead you on the righteous path of life.


  • Make new goals. Make new goals to improve your new and thriving healthy lifestyle. Become more mindful in your eating and exercise habits. Join a yoga class or go for a walk in nature with people in your community. Make new personal or professional goals so that you can strive to achieve them in 2017. Making new goals will give you the push you need to maintain your recovery because these goals can only be achieved by leading a sober life.


Use what you learned in therapy and become more mindful in all parts of your life. Now that you have overcome addiction, begin to be more present with family and friends. Disconnect from technology and enjoy the small moments when surrounded by the people who have supported you throughout your entire journey.


  • Live Outside of Self.- Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. Whether it is with relationships, work, or personal achievement, working hard and believing in God will get you where you need to be. You have overcome addiction and now can spend the rest of your life falling in love with the things and people that bring you joy. Let kindness to others and yourself be your life-theme this year.


Go to new places in 2017 and continue becoming closer to God every step of the way. Find hobbies that you enjoy and maintain a nutritional balance to support your healthy lifestyle. All of these ways will build confidence and will encourage you to have faith in yourself, even when faced with social or environmental stressors. By believing in yourself and cultivating self-compassion, you will find that you are strong enough to maintain your recovery through 2017 and beyond.

In 2017, be kind to yourself and never give up. Appreciate the road that led you to recovery and continue being the best possible version of yourself. Listen to your needs and go after what you want in life. Life is too short to regret making more connections with loved ones and is too short to not explore life’s treasures. Remember that God is with you every step of the way and will continue to strengthen your willpower to avoid a relapse. Maintain involvement in an effective aftercare program and this will ensure that you are given the support needed to maintain sobriety. Make 2017 your best year yet and use it as a foundation for maintaining sobriety in the years to come.
At Covenant Hills, we ensure that individuals have the tools they need to maintain sobriety throughout their lifetime. With the support of a world-class staff and a foundation of spirituality, individuals will learn effective strategies to avoid a relapse and live a healthy lifestyle.

Covenant Hills Treatment is a faith-based addiction treatment facility in Orange County, California and San Antonio, Texas. Covenant Hills emphasizes a whole person approach to care and clients work with pastors, therapists, and counselors who are professionally trained in the Christian-based treatment program. Staff help individuals connect to a larger community of God and support the process of finding purpose again in one’s life beyond their addiction.

If you or a loved one i struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please call (800) 662-2873 today to speak with a treatment specialist and receive a free evaluation.