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Beautiful young loving couple sitting together on the couch while woman embracing her boyfriend and smilingFor those who desire a faith-based treatment program, Covenant Hills offers a 12-step Christian-based treatment program that uses faith as the foundational component for individuals recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Addiction is a disease that destroys a person’s mind, body, and soul. The goal of a faith-based treatment program is to address the deeper issues of the heart in the context of Christ’s grace and forgiveness.  We absolutely believe this can only be done in relationships that are rooted in trust, warmth and honesty.

Christ-based treatment programs help us learn to live life outside of ourselves and point us to the importance of God’s Word. With en emphasis on healing the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors associated with addiction, the devoted staff at Covenant Hills works alongside you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that is based on whole person care.

You are encouraged and empowered every step of the way and are given the skills and strategies needed to combat difficult moments and avoid a relapse.

What do individuals experience during the 12-step Christian-based program?

The 12-step Christian-based treatment program is adapted from the original 12-step spiritual guidelines from Alcoholics Anonymous. We believe we are created for connection; Connection with God, others and ourselves.  As addicts we are DIS-connected with all three of these.  Our program is designed to re-establish (or establish for the first time) these connections.

Covenant Hills dedicated team of medical experts, therapists, counselors, and pastors are trained in providing you the highest quality care. They use research based therapy techniques such as Medication Therapy, CBT, and DBT while simultaneously helping you connect in a more meaningful way to the Christian community for constant support.

The initial part of the treatment program includes detoxifying you from alcohol or drug toxins by a team of medical professionals. After detox occurs, the remainder of the program is dedicated to helping you recover from withdrawal symptoms by giving them the tools to identify and manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a productive way.

Through individualized, group, family, and pastoral therapy sessions, individuals learn to replace poor mental and behavioral habits with positive ones. Therapists teach individuals useful coping mechanisms and strategies to maintain sobriety and improve interpersonal relationships, while simultaneously effectively managing emotional distress. You learn to incorporate enjoyable hobbies and activities back into your life and create goals for your personal and professional ambitions. Therapists integrate the 12-step spiritual guidelines in the recovery process and develop personalized strategies to help guide you closer to God by promoting self-compassion and mindfulness.

Through God’s Word and grace, individuals become a part of the spiritual community and always feel loved and connected. They learn to overcome their addiction with the help of God’s strength and live a life that follows His Teachings.

Benefits of a faith-based addiction treatment track

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, a faith-based treatment option may be an ideal solution for finding a “God-Centered” life. The following are the lifelong benefits from being a part of a faith-based treatment track at Covenant Hills:

Creates community. If you are lost and defeated from your addiction, faith-based tracks provide comfort and support every step of the way. With group, family, and pastoral counseling sessions, you become a part of God’s community and no longer feel self-defeated or alone.

Promotes forgiveness.- Therapists, counselors, and pastors walk alongside you and enhance your ability to forgive yourself for all wrongdoings. Self-acceptance and self-efficacy are key components in addiction recovery and help you establish a plan to live a life outside of yourself. God is forgiving and wants all of His children to find solace through the community of faith.

Establishes purpose. In a faith-based track at Covenant Hills, the world-class team helps you understand your journey and create goals for your personal and professional growth. When integrated back into your community, you will learn to seek supportive social groups, connect to the Church community, and use coping mechanisms learned in therapy to battle difficult moments. When you achieve your goals and continuously attend group therapy sessions, you reestablish a sense of meaning and purpose back into your life.

Focus on God’s Strength not ours.  As you learn the skills and strategies needed to identify and manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to avoid a relapse, the Grace to overcome and achieve your goals becomes more and more real. With every successful step in recovery, you gain the understanding, confidence, and endurance. This in turn deepens your relationship with God. At Covenant Hills, we believe He will help restore your life, and His Word and Grace will continue to empower you to remain abstinent.

Walking the path of God, and with God, with a supportive community, is an empowering and humanizing experience. A faith-based treatment track can be your solution in overcoming any addiction or co-occurring diagnosis.
At Covenant Hills, you have a wide-range of treatment program options that include inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare choices. All of these options promote a Christ-centered version of whole person health and help individuals maintain abstinence. With support and encouragement provided every single step of the way, Covenant Hills offers effective researched based approaches to curing you of your disease and bringing you closer to God.

We care, and we can help. Call us today at (888) 662-2873 to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and receive a free assessment.