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A recovering addict talking with an experienced, credible rehab therapist.

When looking for the best drug addiction rehabs, it’s important to determine if the staff is credible and top-notch. Learn how to identify an expert team.

You’ve long since felt the asphyxiating grip your substance use had on you. After days, months or even years of fighting your demons and extinguishing your emotions with drugs or alcohol, you knew deep down that you became an addict.

Perhaps there have been countless resolutions to get clean for good, but each declaration was nothing more than an enthusiastic, empty promise.

It was only recently you realized the gravity of reality. Now that you’re awake and wholeheartedly realize you need real, professional help, your focus should no longer be in the past. You must only look forward and pour all your energy into freeing yourself of this disease.

Before a successful rehab journey can unfold, it’s imperative that you take the time to thoroughly research drug rehabilitation clinics and find a drug addiction rehab that will tailor to your needs the best.

Above all, make sure you’re arming yourself with an expert team that delivers compassionate care and has years of medical and addiction treatment experience to pull from.

Why Seeking Help from a Seasoned Team Can Mean All the Difference in Rehab and Beyond

Addiction recovery is intense, demanding, and dangerous. It takes a specially trained and licensed staff of rehab professionals to provide you with the highest quality of care, attention and personalization.

During the entire process through the withdrawal, detox and recovery phases, your desire to get clean will be seriously tested. The drug rehabilitation clinic you choose to enter will be your refuge.

You will heavily rely on the rehab staff to get you through some of the hardest, most trying moments of your life. That’s why they must be top-notch.

Here’s how you can be certain you’ve found an experienced and credible team of addiction professionals.

They Have Exceptional Academic Achievements

The field of substance addiction is an ever-expanding area of study. From shifting addiction habits within society to the growing list of available narcotics, maintaining up-to-date knowledge regarding these areas is essential to remaining an effective addiction clinician.

In addition, comorbidity factors and external emotional triggers that impact personal substance use requires the addiction specialist to have knowledge within a wide array of fields. These fields include psychology, sociology, qualitative statistics and more. All of these areas are critical to properly addressing any obstacles you may face.

When researching the recovery staff within potential treatment facilities, make sure the clinicians have attained at minimum a bachelor’s degree in an applicable field. However, clinicians who have obtained a master’s degree or higher are quickly becoming the new standard within the field.

They Have Extensive Clinical Experience Within the Substance Abuse Field

While attaining specific levels of academic achievement within the field of substance abuse is essential for a qualified clinician, real world experience can be just as impactful when providing effective addiction treatment. Working with a variety of chemically dependent populations enables the rehab staff to expand their areas of expertise while implementing various therapeutic and theoretical interventions.

This type of experience establishes a higher level of empathy within the clinical staff. They will be able to build rapport with you, create a personalized treatment plan addressing your concerns and personally walk you through your specific hardships.

A personal connection of this nature with the rehab staff empowers you to create a deeper meaning and establishes greater purpose throughout your recovery journey.

They Have Attained Top Licensure and Designations

Combined, academic achievements and clinical experience indicates the time and commitment the rehab staff has dedicated to their craft. Achieving top licensure within the field of addiction therapy further validates their clinical expertise, professionalism and quality of service provided.

This is due to the fact that licensure standards are rigorously monitored by state governing bodies. They require specific prerequisites to be met before an application for licensure can even be made. While mental health and addiction treatment licensure varies per state, most mandate that three specific areas of achievement be met in order to attain these credentials:

  • Higher education
  • Specific number of clinical hours within the field of addiction therapy
  • State board exam

Completion of these requirements and passing the examination reinforces the credibility of each rehab staff member and ensures the quality of care you will receive.

Life-Changing, Christ-Focused Addiction Rehab at Covenant Hills

As a renowned faith-based drug addiction rehab center in Southern California, Covenant Hills is a safe
place to find peace and connection throughout the recovery journey. We deliver world-class addiction
treatment with a dedicated team of medical doctors, licensed addiction therapists and counselors who
will empower you to achieve your goals of lifelong sobriety.

Through our whole-person approach, we’re here to help guide you back to the person God made you to

Learn about our faith-based treatment program or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.