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Finding Credible Drug Addiction Rehabs

Looking for the best drug rehabilitation clinics for your loved one? Discover important standards credible drug addiction rehabs must meet.

Your loved one’s addiction has minimized them into a shell of the person you used to know so well. Their addiction has drained them of all emotion except desperation for their coveted substance. You’ve stood front and center this whole time, bearing witness to the deterioration of their life.

Your loved one’s addiction has made you feel helpless and hopeless. You’ve tried everything to help them wake up, realize the destruction they’re causing, quit substance abuse and get sober. Your loved one’s addiction has put your family in crisis mode, and it’s recently come to a head.

If your loved one has acknowledged they have a problem and need help, it can feel like a significant tide has turned. Without hesitation, your gears have shifted to start looking for drug addiction rehabs for your loved one.

With so many options nationwide, your drug rehabilitation clinic research can quickly become overwhelming.

What type of program does your loved one need? What type of atmosphere would your loved one benefit from the most? How can you be certain the drug rehabilitation center you and your family select is established and credible?

Not All Drug Addiction Rehabs Are Created Equal

As you may have realized, there are hundreds of residential and outpatient drug rehabilitation programs across the country. They all seemingly promise the same thing: to help your loved one quit their addiction and forge a sober life.

For most drug addiction rehabs, this mission is true. There are, however, drug rehabilitation clinics that don’t have the years of experience, aren’t credible and aren’t run by addiction and mental health experts.

Unfortunately, some drug addiction rehabs are more motivated by profit than actually caring for clientele. The existence of discreditable drug rehabilitation clinics endangers the lives of individuals who need help and compromises the reputation of viable treatment facilities.

As you decide which route is best for your loved one, it’s vital that you take the time to understand all your options. Thoroughly evaluate the credibility of each rehab center you’re considering.

To help you separate the established from the disreputable, here are the standard guidelines the facility or program in question should meet.

Does the Drug Rehabilitation Center Meet these Critical Expectations?

First-Rate Licensing and Accreditation

The first and arguably most important piece when searching for a drug rehab facility is licensing and accreditation. The most credible programs and facilities always hold top accreditations and well-respected licenses.

Offering addiction recovery services without credible accreditations means the treatment program or facility is not state or regularly audited. An audit is when someone will regularly check a facility for ethical practices and exemplary clinical standards.

Attending an addiction rehab that is not accredited is like seeing a doctor for a physical aliment that is not board certified. Entrusting your loved one’s physical well-being to an unqualified physician is something you should try to avoid. Along the same lines, you should not entrust your loved one’s sobriety or mental health issues to a facility lacking quality in clinical oversight, treatment and professionalism.

All credible addiction rehab facilities will have their accreditations clearly displayed on their website.

Definitive Program Descriptions

While addiction may seem universal, your loved one’s addiction journey is unique. Because of this, their clinical, therapeutic and spiritual needs are one-of-a-kind. To ensure your loved one will receive compassionate and personalized care, you need to know everything the rehab program entails before committing to treatment.

Since your research is more than likely conducted almost exclusively online, start with the rehab facility’s website. Find the program that will best fit your loved one’s situation and learn as much as you can about the theoretical methodology and clinical approach to their individualized care.

If you have more questions about the program or treatment plan, be sure to contact the facility directly to get your questions answered. When you have all the facts, you can make a decision about which program will be best for your loved one.

Positive Testimonials and Clientele Ratings

Testimonials and ratings are becoming standard for businesses to display, and they’re exceedingly beneficial to prospective clients. Since they are written by previous customers, testimonials and ratings provide an authentic inside look at a facility’s lasting impact on previous patrons.

Indeed, these first-hand accounts can offer you a wealth of invaluable insight and help you learn which programs will tailor to your loved one’s needs the best.

If a treatment facility does not have any ratings or testimonials, or has more negative reviews than positive, proceed with caution. But, as always when reading reviews, use your best judgment to determine how well they represent the treatment facility. Never let reviews and testimonials be your only resource.

Confidential Intake and Diagnostic Assessment

When contacting a facility for the first time, take special note as to how the initial interaction goes. You’ll want to make sure the conversation is professional, confidential and feels trustworthy. A true sign of an established, credible drug rehabilitation center is how they conduct intake and diagnostic assessments.

In order for addiction treatment centers to learn about your loved one’s needs, they should ask for in-depth information and request access to your loved one’s previous therapist(s). Often times, it’s a red flag when facilities accept patients without thoroughly investigating their previous treatment diagnoses.

Important Questions to Ask Before You Commit to a Drug Addiction Rehab

To bring your search full circle, it’s essential to reach out and talk to your top two or three drug addiction rehabs. In doing so, you will glean important information that can sway your decision and help you choose the best rehab for your loved one.

  • Does the rehab facility treat co-occurring disorders?
    For the most comprehensive treatment, the answer should be yes.
  • What’s the staff-to-patient ratio?
    The answer should be low, as that will ensure your loved one gets the most one-on-one attention.
  • Are the addiction therapists certified chemical dependency counselors?
    The answer should be yes. This guarantees that their knowledge and clinical approach is ethically guided, as well as, board certified.
  • Is there a medical director on staff?
    The answer should be yes. More times than not, withdrawal and detoxification are intense, dangerous processes. It’s vital that medical professionals are available to ensure your loved one is safe and cared for.
  • Are licensed addiction and medical staff available 24/7?
    The answer should be yes. When support is offered around the clock, your loved one’s needs will be met, and their health supported, regardless of time of day.
  • Can the treatment program tailor to all genders, medical histories and trauma backgrounds?
    The answer should be yes. Your loved one must enter a program that can meet him/her exactly where they’re at in life. An effective treatment plan should be personalized and help them develop a sobriety plan.
  • What type of support is offered after the program is over?
    The most effective programs offer support post-rehab, and the most accommodating programs offer successful treatment guarantees. This means if for any reason your loved one relapses within one year of completing a treatment program, they can return for a week of stabilization and evaluation at no cost.

Renowned, Faith-Based Addiction Rehab at Covenant Hills

The higher quality of care, the better your loved one will recover and live sober.

Your loved one was meant for so much more than where their addiction has landed them. Their addiction can be helped, and they can take control of their life.

It all starts at Covenant Hills. Having been in business for 24 years, we are one of the most experienced and acclaimed addiction treatment teams in the country who help addicts quit all forms of drugs and alcohol.

Through a faith-based model, our world-class addiction treatment programs will empower your loved one to reclaim their physical and mental well-being through emotional, nutritional, social, fitness and spiritual therapy components.

Additionally, we offer a Recovery Assurance Guarantee and allow all clients to return for a week of stabilization and evaluation at no cost should they relapse within one year of completing addiction rehab.

Learn about our faith-based treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.