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Are you struggling with substance abuse and feel like no one supports or cares about you? If you are lost on your path of life and need redirection, guidance, and support, know that you are not alone. Christian Drug Rehab Treatment is the solution to saving you from your addiction.

Addiction is a brain disease that destroys a person’s willpower, strength, and resilience. Recovering from substance abuse is difficult but achievable through establishing a strong faith and trust in God. Through Christian Drug Rehab Treatment, individuals suffering from their disease will be nourished through mind, body, and soul.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Christian Drug Rehab Treatment

1. Provides you with a whole-person approach to treatment. One of the greatest benefits of Christian Drug Rehabilitation Treatment is that the team of professional medical doctors, therapists, and spiritual counselors work together to heal your physical, mental, and emotional pain. The professional staff knows that addiction is a disease that rots your entire well-being. Christian Drug Rehab Treatment emphasizes nurturing the mind, body, and soul with positive thoughts through coping mechanisms such as mindfulness meditation, talk therapy, and prayer.

By emphasizing a whole-person approach to treatment, it encourages you to foster self-acceptance and practice self-care. These lifelong habits learned in treatment to care for all mental, physical, and emotional needs in a healthy way, can make you less likely to crave the drug in a difficult moment and avoid a relapse.

2. Gives you longevity in care and support.- Even upon completion of the treatment program, you will still always be connected to the spiritual community for ongoing care and support. During treatment, you will meet with a spiritual counselor and will connect to the Community of God with like-minded individuals who have gone through similar experiences.

Therapy sessions that emphasize individualized treatment will help you practice specific coping mechanisms that only work for you. This will help to reduce the cravings for the drug, will allow you to respond in a meaningful way instead of an impulsive way, and will help to create a positive support network in your own community. Even upon completion of the program, you will continue therapy sessions through individual, group, and spiritual sessions. This will ensure that you are remaining sober and connected to God’s community throughout your lifetime.

3. Helps you find solace in your journey.- When you crave a drug in a difficult moment, it creates a sense of dependency and fogs your decisions. The professional team at Christian Drug Rehab Treatment Centers knows that you are not your disease. Through effective psychotherapy techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, you will learn to find the source of your unhappiness and replace these causes with productive outlets.

When you accept your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a non-judgemental way, you will finally establish comfort and acceptance within yourself. Only when you become mindful of your thoughts, can you learn to act in a meaningful way instead of an impulsive way towards the drug.  

4. Empowers you to find your path.- Through individualized treatment programs that address the whole-person, including co-occurring disorders, you will find new sources of joy in your life. You will have the opportunity to construct a new identity beyond the label of your addiction and can choose the path towards making your personal and professional dreams come true.

With the help of the treatment team, you have the chance of a lifetime to start achieving your goals, one step at a time. By restoring your faith in God, you will always have a community of love and encouragement waiting for you through difficult life moments. Getting a new chance at life is an opportunity that most people dream of. Through a dedicated staff, and learning the skills to battle adversity, you will finally become who you are meant to be in God’s community.

One Call Today Can Save a Life

Covenant Hills Treatment Center offers a faith-based approach to helping anyone recover from their addiction. Our professionally trained staff include ordained pastors, dietitians, doctors and counselors to provide you with the spiritual support you need to fully recover from addiction. The shared humanity you will feel along with an in-depth recovery program will empower you to become the whole-bodied and spiritual human being you are meant to be.

Do you need help, or is a loved one struggling with addiction? Please call us today at 800.662.2873. This is a free, confidential call and assessment.