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Most people struggling with an addiction didn’t wake up one morning and decide to relinquish control of their life to a substance that destroys both their mind and body. It was a process of sublimation, taking them off their course until they were lost within their own existence, adrift in a sea of addictive impulses.

Attempting to correct course and find true purpose again is no simple task. It requires a shifting of one’s perspective, discovery of their true purpose and acknowledging the calling of a higher power.

Learning to rely on your faith and the power of Christ is a fundamental tenant of Catholicism. It’s also the core concept behind life-changing, faith-based addiction treatment programs. Without our faith, we may only personify pessimism.

Ways You Can Pray to God About Your Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, placing your life in the hands of the creator is the first step toward newfound purpose and existence. Through your Catholic faith, addiction can be dissolved. Discover three ways you can lead God to your substance use and ask that He guide you out of the unceasing cycle.

1. Wholeheartedly Place Your Faith in a Higher Power

The first step toward finding the peace, love and tranquility associated with your Catholic faith is relinquishing control of your life to a power greater than yourself.

Addiction has a way of distracting you from achieving your true potential and creating a situation in which hopelessness replaces the drive and determination that once fueled your existence.

By unequivocally placing your faith in a higher power, you can fully embrace the fact that God is greater than your problems and in control of the situations that seem most distressful. It also:

  • Enables you to find refuge in his ever-present existence
  • Initiates your detachment from the addictive behaviors that have rooted themselves within your life

2. Ask for Forgiveness So You Can Begin to Forgive Yourself

Most people who come to embrace their faith begin their journey as a broken vessel. Their negative decisions and maladaptive behaviors have left them feeling beaten, battered and bruised.

Substance addiction has a way of bringing out the worst in you. The trail of destruction litters your past with a constant reminder of the mistakes you’ve made.

Fortunately, the love and forgiveness of Christ the Father can take your transgressions and spread them as far as the East from the West. You must first admit your sins so that the healing process can begin. This type of absolution is invaluable to a recovering addict and an amazing foundation on which to rebuild your life.

3. Listen to God and Begin to Replace Impulsive Habits with Spiritual Serenity

Once you’ve embraced the notion of God’s grace and relinquished control of your life to his divine purpose, you can begin to replace your addictive impulses with faith and devotion.

The peace of Christ is able to overcome all misbehaviors, and the subsequent tranquility associated with that love and guidance can calm your mind and the addictive compulsions bombarding your thoughts.

Allowing the calming presence of Christ to enter your life and guide your decisions can initiate the healing process. It can decrease your addictive impulses and promote the change that you have been searching for in all the wrong places.

The love of Christ knows no bounds and requires only that you ask.

God and Addiction

You have lived with your addiction, allowing it to slowly infect every portion of your mind, body and soul. But there is no better time than the present to reassess your existence and shed the yoke of substance abuse dragging you down.

The loving peace of Christ and the absolution of your faith can replace those diseased elements of personal addiction and begin the process of setting you free. Your compulsion may have created a void within your life, but your belief in God can establish a refuge, sheltering you from the storms of substance use and strengthening your resolve to overcome the grip it has placed upon your life.

Matthew 11:28 urges everyone who is weary and burdened to come to Christ and He will provide rest and comfort.

These are not merely words but promises He has made to anyone facing personal trials and tribulations.

Addiction is a disease, but if you place your faith in Christ, He has promised to heal your iniquities and the maladies that ail you.

Individualized Faith-Based Addiction Treatment at Covenant Hills

You can be forgiven, and you can conquer addiction. You are loved and there is always hope. If you are ready to get clean and commit to sobriety, Covenant Hills can help.

Your whole person health is our top priority. Through our faith-based treatment programs, we focus on
helping you get back to being the person you know is still inside you – the special person that God

Take the first step in healing your body, refreshing your mind and connecting God and your addiction to empower yourself for the absolute healing.

Learn about our gender-specific, faith-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.