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Wondering how to detox your body from opioids? Learn about drug detoxification from opioids & how your body cleanses itself.

The detrimental impact that opioid addiction can have on both your mind and body takes months, and sometimes years, to correct.

From diminishing organ functioning to causing extensive infections to eroding proper neurological connectivity, opioid addiction is as destructive of a disease as your body will ever face.

It is cold, calculated and ruthless in nature, showing no mercy and giving no reprieve. It simply consumes its host from the onset of symptomatology and eradicates normal body and brain functioning until the opioid addiction grows to a critical level, overtaking all rational thought processing, leaving you beaten and broken.

That is why beginning a comprehensive and clinically proven treatment program as soon as possible is so important to your overall health and existence. It initiates the process of change within the body and sets in motion the homeopathic detoxification necessary to cleaning and healing those areas within you that have been destroyed by your addiction.

How to Detox Your Body from Opioids

While this may seem a bit obvious, the most important step to detoxing your body from opioids is to stop your use immediately. Once this is initiated, the body immediately begins working back toward a state of natural homeostasis, correcting chemical imbalances within both the body and brain.

Attempting the process by yourself within your own home is an option, but the longevity and severity of your addiction needs to be taken into account. Natural interventions, such as herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies, can aid with digestive irregularities and some physical discomforts, but will only address minimal personal distress and physical irregularities.

For most people suffering from opioid addiction, receiving qualified medical oversight and assistance is essential to properly and safely detoxing your body from opioids.

This is due to the strain that your addiction has placed on your organs, such as your heart and liver, and the necessity for a medical clinician to monitor their functioning throughout your detox to avoid any severe medical complications.

Speaking to a medical professional before starting the detox process is the most appropriate step to take before beginning any rehabilitation program in order to ensure that your approach is both safe and effective.

Drug Detoxification from Opioids: How Your Body Cleanses Itself

While medical interventions and oversight are typically important components to an opioid detox, allowing your body the time and patience necessary to properly heal is as essential.

After the initial phase of abstinence is met (the first 24 to 72 hours), the body completes the initial process of purging itself of the actual drug, allowing the healing to begin properly.

At this point (96 to 120 hours into recovery) your body begins to slowly move back toward a point of homeostasis, or the natural state of being it was in before you began your opioid addiction.

It is at this junction that your physical body truly begins the cleansing process of organ repair and neurological healing that will set the stage for your continued health and happiness.

Here are a few examples of how the body cleanses and heals itself during and after your detox from opioids.

Cleansing the Brain

Opioid addiction fundamentally alters the chemical makeup of the brain, inducing synthetic dopamine responses and mood destabilization. Cleansing and detoxing your brain of opioids allows the brain to begin FEELING and RESPONDING naturally once again, balancing your experienced emotions and overall perspective.

Cleansing the Heart

Opioid addiction impacts the manner in which the heart operates, dramatically affecting your blood pressure, slowing your heart rate and eroding vein and ventricular functionality. Cleansing your heart from the damage inflicted by opioid addiction enables those functions to begin correcting themselves by repairing the destruction induced by your opioid use.

Cleansing the Liver

Your liver works to protect the body in a number of manners, including removing toxins and enabling proper blood functionality. Cleansing the liver from your opioid addiction allows the organ to continue operating in this manner and ensures that your blood flow and toxicity levels remain normal and free of deadly contaminants.

Why Opioid Detoxification is Essential for a Healthy Future

Opioid detoxification is essential to your health and happiness because it cleanses your body from the poisonous effects of opioid addiction and can help you will live a healthier life.

The fact of opioid addiction is that it is killing you. There is no manner in which your opioid addiction is improving your existence or helping to increase your wellbeing. Accepting this truth and striving toward a brighter tomorrow is essential to facing the lies that surround your opioid addiction.

A clinically safe and proven drug detoxification program is a step in the right direction and a sure way to begin your journey toward sustained sobriety and long-term happiness.

Opioid Drug Treatment at Covenant Hills

At Covenant Hills, we know exactly where you are, what you’ve been through and the uncertainly of your current state of mind. Can I really get clean? What will my life be like without prescription pills or opioids? Will I be able to stay sober?

Know this: You can because there is hope, and there is life-changing help and support.

Through our Christian-based opioid addiction rehab program, your mind, body and soul will be restored, and you will leave here with a brand-new life ahead of you.

Learn more about our approach to treating opioid addiction, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.