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Psalm 22 opens with the verse, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” For a devout person suffering from alcohol addiction, no line captures their struggles better.
Addiction affects all aspects of a person. But for someone who relies heavily on their religion or a higher power to guide them through troubling times, addiction is an even more devastating blow to their faith and mental health.

Why didn’t my faith protect me from this addiction? Why didn’t God look out for me?

As a Christian or believer in a higher power, alcohol addiction shakes your faith to its core, making it even harder to get clean. Luckily, faith-based rehab offers some key advantages and benefits other treatment centers don’t to help you recover from addiction.

1. Faith-Based Rehab Has a Deep Focus on Spirituality

Faith-based alcohol rehabilitation includes physical and mental treatment like traditional addiction centers, but goes a step further with a spiritual and religious approach. Faith-based rehabs address addiction from a spiritual standpoint, helping you replace your addiction cravings with a renewed sense of faith and contentment.

2. Faith-Based Rehab Helps You Overcome Guilt and Shame

As a religious person, many of your feelings of guilt, shame and despair come from the terrifying beliefs that your faith in God let you down during your time of need. Christian-based treatment focuses on getting to the root of those negative feelings by teaching you that alcohol addiction is a disease and not some moral failure. Letting go of your shame and any other feelings of anger or despair towards God allows you to rebuild your faith, which will help you overcome your addiction.

3. Faith-Based Treatment Has the Same Values You Do

Beating addiction is an even greater uphill battle if you’re seeking treatment at a rehab center that doesn’t share your values. At a Christian-based treatment center, you’re enrolled in a program that respects your values, shares your beliefs and uses your faith to drive your treatment and recovery.

4. You’ll be Surrounded by People with the Same Faith as You

Besides the treatment program itself, you’ll be surrounded by others just like you at a Christian-based treatment center. Here, you’ll meet people from similar backgrounds going through the same addiction struggles as you are. Making friends with others who believe in God and struggle with alcohol addiction will show that you’re not alone and encourage you to fight even harder to overcome the disease.

5. Faith-Based Rehab Restores Hope

When you fall victim to addiction, you lose hope. Hope in your future. Hope in a brighter tomorrow. And hope in recovery. Christian-based treatment centers know that faith empowers recovery, which is why these programs emphasize things like self-respect, unconditional love and forgiveness. By restoring your faith, these treatment programs help establish new hope in your future and recovery.

Covenant Hills is Here to Help You Defeat Substance Addiction

At Covenant Hills, our staff follows Christ’s example and strives to provide the same love, understanding and compassion he did. At our core, our mission is to serve Christ by helping you overcome your alcohol addiction with our Christian Treatment Program.

Contact us or call us directly at (800) 662-2873 for a free and confidential assessment and to learn why our Christian treatment is right for you.