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Fentanyl Abuse: Signs and Symptoms

Blackboard with the chemical formula of FentanylFentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is extremely dangerous, and is only intended to be used for extreme pain after surgery or from a medical ailment. Individuals should only use fentanyl if prescribed from their medical doctor. You may see […]

Mindfulness: Can it Help In Addiction Treatment?

woman smilingLife is filled with a multitude of difficult and stressful situations. When individuals do not know how to respond to situations that elicit high levels of stress, anxiety, or despair, they may turn to drugs to cope with their painful emotions, thoughts, and behaviors associated […]

Do I need a Gender Specific Addiction Treatment Program?

Young woman looking into the cameraThe journey towards fully recovering from addiction is a very personal experience that must be aided and enhanced with a strong network of support. It is important to know that even though you have experienced individual suffering from your addiction and […]

Early Childhood Red Flags That Can Lead to Drug Addiction

Three generations in a group photo

Experiences in early childhood are the biggest indicators of what the future will hold for children in their teen and adult years. Their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional states are being developed and are easily influenced and affected by […]

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