Monthly Archives: January 2017


What is a “High Functioning” Addict? Why is it so Dangerous?

Businesswoman reading magazine in modern officeWhen people typically think of drug addicts, they usually imagine broken people who can’t keep a stable job, have volatile relationships with family and friends, and who may even be in and out of jail. Media often depicts drug addicts as […]

Adderall and Xanax Addiction: Common Myths, Truths

Frustrated Mother Suffering From prescription drug useAdderall and Xanax are well known and commonly prescribed medications, but when abused separately or taken together, they can have devastating health effects on individuals. Dispelling the myths and understanding the truths surrounding these drugs can help to encourage you […]

3 Steps to Help in Your Drug Treatment Recovery

A young attractive woman with a slight smileYou have already made the life changing decision to fully recovery from your drug addiction. You have committed to a lifelong journey now full of self-fulfillment and resilience. Your will power against your addiction will grow stronger and its […]

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