male-specific treatment


The 4 Biggest Mistakes Men Make During Post Addiction Treatment Recovery

Young Man lookin at camerThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) notes over 1.1 million men were admitted into treatment for substance abuse in 2013. This overwhelming number does not begin to cover the men who did not […]

The Case for Gender Specific Treatment for Substance Abuse

Young man and woman strolling on a beach.

While all humans have similar wants and needs, some experiences and challenges are shared primarily by members of the same gender. For this reason, many individuals choose gender-specific treatment. Gender specific treatment (also known as gender […]

Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment Programs

Happy Group Of PeopleThe process of healing in treatment is different for everyone, and programs can vary greatly in how they are structured. For addiction treatment and recovery, one size does not fit all, and you should seek a program that is tailored to […]

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