At Covenant Hills, we are 100% committed to working with referral sources to provide both a seamless referral process and appropriate levels of feedback for the referent.

Admission begins with a phone call to one of our crisis counselors at our sister company, Recovery Options. Our counselors gather information about each client’s medical, psychological and substance abuse history. Counselors assist with insurance and payment arrangements.

Clients are assessed to determine whether medical detoxification is required. If medical detoxification is warranted, clients are transferred, or may be sent initially, to an affiliated medical facility where they will be treated by medical staff, using medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Once medical detoxification is complete, our treatment team interviews each client to identify each client’s current stage of recovery, from which an individualized treatment plan is developed and primary treatment begins.

As the recovery process progresses, clients learn to recognize their denial and begin the recovery process. Our professional staff helps each client discover and effectively address issues that might interfere with his or her recovery. Anger, abuse, gender or relationship issues, among others are discussed in group and individual sessions. And, our professional staff helps each client discover and effectively address his or her own unique relapse warning signs