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Clinician’s Corner: The Warning Signs of Suicide

Frustrated Mother Suffering From DepressionDid you know that Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States? The most frequent mental health emergency is the threat of suicide, and although female attempt suicide more often than males, males are three […]

Some depressing numbers: antidepressants and type-II diabetes

46.7 million prescriptions were issued in 2011 in the UK. In the United States, it is the third most widely prescribed group of drugs. And researchers are now saying there are concerns that they may be having an adverse effect on glucose metabolism—putting those eligible at even higher risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes. And […]

Another reason to avoid medication-based treatment?

“Non-drug interventions would be an enormous step forward in drug abuse treatment, which currently relies on replacing one drug with another and has an extremely high rate of relapse,” said press conference moderator Barry Everitt of the University of Cambridge, an expert in drug abuse research.That high rate of relapse, which was recently discussed […]

Gene for alcoholism discovered, may lead to addiction prevention

What makes an alcoholic an alcoholic? Most of us know the answer, but from a clinical standpoint the official scientific criteria is a little bit more ambiguous, notably the efforts on the part of researchers when it comes to identifying underlying genetic factors that lead most at risk to over-consumption of alcohol and drug […]

Clinician’s Corner: the Psychological Science of Self-Control

Often family members of our patients will be frustrated and confused over the perception of free will and the inherently bad choices made by their loved one while “in their addiction.” So let me explain how the brain of an addict, if functionally high-jacked in the mid-brain, works. It is as if the wiring […]

Harder policies on Rx abuse could be issued soon

When it comes to Rx drug abuse, one could safely hypothesize that we’ll never entirely wipe out the problem. For one reason, it’s simply too big of an issue, and second, when it comes down to it nothing is impossible to acquire these days—but that doesn’t mean officials can’t make it harder.

According to a […]

Teens: “marijuana isn’t harmful”

If you haven’t already heard, Colorado and Washington have begun the process of selling marijuana recreationally. Analysts, scientists, government agencies, and the public within these states (not to mention the rest of the nation) prepare themselves for an onslaught of data to be used for future fine-tuning, or, if things go […]

Pharmacology aims to stymie cocaine cravings

In a recent article, we talked about how researchers had discovered a protein which stayed in cocaine users’ biofluids up to months at a time. This not only meant that abusers could very well find themselves on the backend of the “job hunting” line, but that the effects (long-term and otherwise) could […]

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol: more buzz, more risks

“Wide-awake drunk” isn’t a phrase you hear all too often. Sure there’s the functioning alcoholic, and blacking out (mentally, as opposed to physically), but only just recently have researchers begun to note how serious the problem of young adults mixing alcohol with their favorite energy drink really is. The effect can be somewhat similar […]

Binge-drinking in youths could lead to generations of alcoholism

Partying on the weekend just got a whole lot more sinister. Well, for those who drink, anyway. The idea of alcoholism is nothing new, but the ‘when’ has continued to be a gray motley collection of vagueries and assumptions. The truth of the matter is that for many of us alcoholism is a deceptively […]

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