Christian-Based Addiction Treatment Programs

Christian Drug Treatment Programs in California

When we say, “Christian Drug Treatment”, we mean that you can expect to be treated by highly accomplished professionals who follow Christ and strive to provide you with the love, understanding, compassion and care that Jesus demonstrated in his teachings and actions.

Covenant Hills has been compassionately and effectively treating drug and alcohol addiction at its beautiful treatment center for over twenty years. Our passion and focus is to return you to the clean, healthy, happy and productive person God designed you to be.

Before we explain our faith-based approach to treatment, it is important for you and your family to know that we set no requirement that you must first be a Christian to receive treatment at Covenant Hills. All who seek help receive our utmost care and professionalism, and there is no requirement that you must attend church services or convert to Christianity while going through treatment. We meet you where you are and walk with you every step of the way to your complete recovery.

But we do believe at our core that our mission is to serve Christ by serving you and helping you get back to being the person that you know is still inside you.

12-Step Recovery Programs – Christian or Traditional. Your Choice.

When you arrive at our treatment center, we offer you two distinct, yet overlapping programs—Christian 12-Step and Traditional 12-Step:

Clients are able to choose between our Christian and Traditional 12-Step programs and can even switch between the two during treatment. No matter which treatment program you choose, you will work with our experienced staff to overcome your addiction and find yourself again.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? Get The Help You Need at Our Christian Treatment Center

We believe in an environment of respect, compassion, trust and confidentiality in all of our interactions with you. Many facilities promise quick fixes. At Covenant Hills, we know that quick fixes do not lead to lasting recovery. You can count on us to provide you with the best, proven and caring Christian drug treatment with one focus on returning you to wholeness, strength and happiness again.

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